Dental Society Meetings

Join us and learn about our WaterLase iPlus™ All Tissue Laser system and the latest advancements in Laser Dentistry Today!

BIOLASE will be attending these Dental Meetings in 2013
Show Name City Date Booth#
Texas Dental Assocication San Antonio, USA May 2-4 2085
American Association of Orthodontics Philly, USA May 4-7 551
ICOI Las Vegas, USA May 16-18 214, 216
OSAP San Diego, USA Jun 13-15 NA
Florida Dental Association Orlando, USA Jun 13-15 1205
AGD Nashville, USA Jun 27-29 903, 905
AACP San Diego, USA Jul 26-27 NA
AADMRT Las Vegas, USA Sept 12-14 NA
Ohio Dental Ohio, USA Sep 19-23 NA
AAP Philly, USA Sep 28 - Oct 1 909
AAOMR Beverly Hills, USA Oct 1-5 NA
AAOMS Orlando, USA Oct 7-12 1107
ADA New Orleans, USA Oct 31 - Nov 2 1539
Greater NY New York, USA Dec 1-4 NA

Show Name City Date Booth#
Ontario Dental Association Toronto, Canada May 2-4 544 and 546
JDIQ Quebec May 27-28 200 and 202
Famdent Show Mumbai 2013 Mumbai June 7-9 NA
FDI Istanbul Aug 28-31 NA
Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry Chennai Sept 20-22 NA
Expodent International New Delhi Dec 27-29 NA

The World's Largest Laser Education Organization

The World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) is the World's largest and fastest growing dental laser organization with over 14,000 members worldwide.

The WCLI is totally committed to the advancement of clinical dentistry and improving patient outcomes through technology and education. The WCLI is led by an Executive Board of Directors and Professional Advisory Board comprised of a "Who's Who" in the dental profession including the immediate Past-President of the ADA, the President Elect of the AACD, founders of leading dental organizations, and leading educators, researchers and practitioners from around the globe.

WCLI Certification

The purpose of the WCLI certification program is to encourage dentists and dental professionals who use the WaterLase™ or diode laser to continue their efforts in learning, practicing, researching, teaching and writing on the subject of laser dentistry.

The WCLI Certification Program currently consists of four unique levels of certification.

 WCLI Symposiums,Laser Dentistry


"Waterlase RFT has revolutionized our practice of endodontics. For the first time we are within reach of sterilizing an infected root canal system – unheard of in the specialty of endodontics! Combined with a unique protocol in our office, the Waterlase MD may be the missing link that enables us to kill bacteria deep within the dentinal tubules. In our practice we no longer aim to "entomb" bacteria but rather to eliminate bacteria."

Dr. Justin Kolnick, Endodontist
White Plains NY

WCLI Symposiums - A Multi-Day Education on Lasers in Dentistry

Learn the New WaterLase iPlus™ Dual Wavelength All-Tissue Laser.

Incredible power and patented laser technology for faster cutting than the drill or any other dental laser on the market. Intuitive graphical user interface. Built in docking for wireless, handheld, five-watt iLase™ 940 nm diode laser with ComfortPulse™.

Is your laser learning up-to-date?

Learn the latest advances in laser dentistry in one intensive weekend, including:

  • Deep Pocket Therapy with New Attachment™
  • High-speed hard tissue cutting that rivals the drill
  • Endolase™ RFT Root Canal Therapy – improving disinfection of the root canal
  • Expanding applications of diode lasers – from hygiene to low-level laser therapy

This WCLI Symposium covers all aspects of successfully adding laser technology to your practice. Whether you are a new or experienced laser owner, looking to add a laser to your practice, a hygienist, assistant, or staff member, you will find this comprehensive symposium a valuable learning experience.

Topics include:

  • Laser Dentistry for New & Non-Owners
  • Advanced Laser Dentistry and Innovation
  • Practice Management
  • Diode Laser Lab
  • All-tissue Laser Lab
WCLI Symposiums,Laser Dentistry


"As a Board Certified Periodontist who has been practicing periodontics for 26 years, the use of the Waterlase MD has totally transformed and invigorated my approach to periodontal therapy. In the twenty months that I have been using the Waterlase MD, I have been able to shift from a primarily surgical approach to treating periodontitis to a primary non-surgical approach with results that are equivalent to surgical therapy."

Dr. Craig Rubinoff, Periodontist
Rancho Bernardo CA

WCLI - A Comprehensive One-Day Education on Lasers in Dentistry

Who Should Attend

General and specialist dentists who have heard about laser dentistry's potential to provide a more comfortable patient experience, expand treatment options, deliver new procedures to patients, or differentiate a practice, but who are unsure how lasers would impact their practice. Any dental professional seeking a convenient but comprehensive learning experience in the technology, clinical applications, and economics of laser-assisted dentistry. Current laser owners seeking a refresher or looking to upgrade their technology.

Course Objectives

Laser Technology Provide a complete overview of the different types of lasers and wavelengths used in dentistry • Help you understand which laser is right for each type of dental procedure and practice, and for your practice in particular.

Practice Integration Explain successful strategies for the effective implementation of lasers into a practice, with special emphasis on the first 90 days with a laser • Learn firsthand from dentists who have been through the experience of learning to operate the laser, being trained in its clinical applications, and differentiating themselves as laser dentists.

Clinical Applications Compare and contrast conventional & laser-assisted dental treatment in meeting the challenges of everyday dental practice • Focus on unique solutions that laser-assisted dentistry provides in the treatment of asymmetric gingival architecture, subgingival Class V caries, failed composite restoration due to micro leakage, single fractured teeth, and biologic width violation.

Hands-on Laser Lab Evaluate what using a laser will really be like, under the guidance of trained clinicians • "Test drive" the WaterLase iPlus™ laser using hard and soft tissue samples, experimenting with different laser settings.

Live Patient Treatments* Learn how to introduce laser dentistry to anxious or fearful patients to perform painless, anesthetic-free dentistry • Observe live patient treatments by experienced laser dentists • Interact with clinicians and patients before, during, and after procedures.

*May not be available at some course locations.

There is no cost to attend, but seats are limited so please register today!
WaterLase MD Laser Painless Dentistry

WaterLase in action at Dr. Bijoor office!

Lasers 360 Seminar

Laser Technology – Myth vs. Reality: Course Overview

Experience a 360-degree look at the benefits of laser technology in just a few hours in the office of a dentist already enjoying those benefits. See live procedures performed with a laser. Learn how laser technology can increase treatment plan acceptance and attract new patients, enhance your clinical results, improve your productivity, and more. The dentist and your BIOLASE Laser Specialist will answer all of your questions about the latest in laser technology, learning to use the laser, practice integration and marketing.

*There is no cost to attend, but attendance is very limited, so please RSVP today.

Course Objectives
  • Observe a live patient demonstration of a painless WaterLase© cavity prep without anesthetic
  • Observe the benefits of WaterLase for soft tissue procedures with a live patient demonstration
  • See how WaterLase breaks the speed barrier, and now cuts as fast as a high-speed drill
  • Learn WaterLase practice integration first-hand, including patient conversations scripted for doctor and staff
  • Understand WaterLase return on investment with specific procedures and insurance codes
  • Experience the intuitive user interface of the latest WaterLase technology
  • Discuss the latest laser-assisted specialty procedures, including improving emergence profiles for implants, reducing bacteria in the root canal, and non-surgical new attachment for the treatment of periodontal disease.
Waterlase iPlus,Painless Dentistry,Training,YSGG 

Lunch & Learn: Schedule a Presentation Today

Are your perceptions about lasers out-of-date?

 If you still think all-tissue lasers are too slow, hard to use, or cost too much, it's time for a reality check. Advances in laser technology in 2011 have changed everything…

  • Laser cutting speed truly rivals the drill.
  • The most advanced system is now the simplest to use.
  • There are more ways to increase productivity and generate new income with a laser than ever.
  • The cost of the top technology has dropped dramatically.

Take a few hours and take a fresh look at lasers. Your patients and staff will thank you, and you'll feel very smart.

Educational. Eye-opening. Inspiring.
  • What all-tissue technologies are out there and how to tell them apart.
  • How Waterlase© technology works and why it's the leading all-tissue technology.
  • What an all-tissue laser can do that diode lasers can't.
  • How an all-tissue laser increases treatment plan acceptance and attracts new patients.
  • How the all-tissue laser enhances clinical results.
  • New periodontal and endodontic all-tissue laser applications that expand your clinical repertoire.
  • How a laser can significantly improve your everyday productivity.
  • How to calculate your return on investment in laser technology and compare it to other possible technology investments.

Your BIOLASE Representative can provide you with a simple practice analysis to help you decide which laser technology is the best fit for you and your patients. Schedule a presentation today with your BIOLASE Representative!

Space is limited, so reserve your place by registering today.

Waterlase iPlus,Painless Dentistry,Training,YSGG 

You Are Invited to Join a Laser Study Club

Study Club Review

This local study club will focus on keeping members up to date on the latest advances in laser dentistry, including:

  • New laser applications to improve productivity and clinical results with implants
  • Non-surgical periodontal laser procedures
  • High-speed hard tissue cutting for cavity preps
  • Laser-assisted root canal therapy – improving disinfection of the root canal
  • New diode laser applications – from hygiene to low-level laser therapy

 Topics for the group will cover all aspects of successfully adding laser technology to the practice. Whether you are a new or experienced laser owner, or considering adding a laser to your practice, you will find this study club informative and inspiring. CE credit may be offered for certain club meetings, depending on whether presentation content meets AGD CE guidelines.

Space is limited, so reserve your place by registering today.

Biolase is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry.
BIOLASE is designated as an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. The current term of approval extends from 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2013. Provider ID# 218642