NewTom VG3

VG3 Grows With Your Practice

NewTom VG3 represents the perfect solution for dental professionals who want to increase the value of their practice. The all-new VG3 is a truly modular hybrid 2D/3D system that can start as a digital 2D panoramic X-ray system, perfect for replacing a traditional film-based panoramic unit. Later, you can upgrade at any time to add a cephalometric sensor and software, and/or 3D cone-beam-computed-tomography (CBCT).

Our Most Competitive System Ever

With NewTom’s top of the line technology and reasonable pricing, VG3 can be considered the most competitive hybrid available today. Equipped with a state-of-the-art modular sensor, (which can easily be interchanged on the Ceph head), the short exam time and the automated low dose SafeBeam Technology feature, VG3 can offer a more complete and immediate diagnosis.

The best imaging system in the world just became affordable and now can grow as your practice grows.

NewTom VG3 Benefits

  • 5 Selectable FOV from 5x5cm to 11x8cm, to include the entire mandible, maxilla, and condyle for a complete diagnosis.
  • New generation of the NNT Software with easy compatibility to your practice management software.
  • Competitive pricing for top-of-the-line technology.
  • A dedicated digital sensor and specific algorithms provide a full range of information.
  • Reduced margin of error with precise 1:1 scale and a full 16-bit greyscale.
  • SafeBeam™ Technology radiation dosage technology for patient safety.
  • Simple upgradability to 3D and Ceph gives added
  • Advanced TMJ, 2D projections
    • Lateral, postero-anterior, open/close mouth, multi-angle, with laser identification pointer.
  • Advanced kinematics
    • A rotary movement and two simultaneous movements ensure constant magnification in ALL 2D projections.
    • Capable of faithfully following the complex morphology of the patients.
    • Capable of advanced projections without requiring special positioners.

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