CBCT Excels in High Quality Imaging.

CBCT from BIOLASE Excels in Low Radiation.

The X-ray exam is a means to an end. Obtaining the images you need to make a complete and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan will always require some level of exposure for the patient. Your goal is to minimize radiation exposure without compromising your diagnosis. This is especially true when the exam is for children, and when wider fields of view are needed.

3D CBCT offers the best available combination of imaging completeness and accuracy for the radiation exposure required of any imaging technology.  And 3D systems from BIOLASE perform at the among the lowest exposure levels of any CBCTs.  With BIOLASE you won't sacrifice either patient safety or the accuracy of your diagnosis. Read more about our systems below.



BIOLASE is now the Exclusive North America Dental Distributor of:

NewTom Cone Beam 3D Imaging

New Tom Logo VGi Logo

True medical grade imaging technology at a fraction of the
cost and radiation exposure.

Best-in-Class Performance
  • Medical-Grade Rotating Anode
  • Up to 50% higher image resolution
  • Up to 50% smaller slice thickness
  • Adjustable FOV
  • Fast image reconstruction
  • SafeBeam™ technology reduces radiation dose
  • Less than 4 seconds of total exposure
  • Open-Environment for Patient Comfort
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Small Footprint
Ease of Use
  • Standard DICOM compatible with 3rd Party Applications
  • Viewer and Sharing Application Included

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NewTom 5G Cone Beam CT

Only true OPEN Gantry CBCT on market for clinical flexibility and patient comfort

The NewTom 5G is configured as a horizontal system and is ideally suited to patients who are unable to remain stationary in a vertical position during the scan. This could include sedated patients, trauma cases, infants, geriatrics and special needs patients. The 'pass through' gantry design also allows other extremities such as hands, ankles, feet, elbows and knees to be scanned with hard tissue image quality equivalent to traditional CT scans.

  • Flat panel sensor technology for exceptionally high resolution images
  • Safe beam exposure control minimizes exposure
  • Seated or horizontal patient entry for maximum comfort and reduced re-takes
  • Horizontal scan position for sedated & trauma patients and infants.
  • Six programmable 'Fields of View' from 6x6cm to 18x16cm.
  • Lowest dose of any comparable CBCT on the market
  • Pass through gantry allows other body extremities to be scanned

New Tom 5G Specifications 

BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging Systems


BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ CBCT System

The lowest radiation for multiple-field-of-view 3D CBCT systems
  • High-speed scan and pulsed x-ray lower radiation exposure
  • Reclines patient, reducing image-blurring patient movement by 50%, significantly reducing retakes and exposure*
  • Unmatched patient comfort – no restraints needed, no "closed-in" feeling
  • Multiple fields of view enable implant, ortho, endo, oral surgery, 3rd molar extractions, TMD and other applications in one system
* "Relevance of head motion in dental cone-beam CT scanner images depending on patient positioning"
– Int. J CARS (2008) 3:249-255

Because we know that the health and safety of your patients is always your primary concern, the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ uses the lowest radiation for multiple-field-of-view 3D CBCT systems – as little radiation as two panoramic images.




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To further reduce patient exposure, the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ reclines the patient, reducing image-blurring movement by 50 percent compared to systems that use seated or standing positions, to eliminate re-takes. With the patient lying down, no restraints are needed, and the patient is never placed in a closed-in space.


The gives you the field of view (FOV) and high definition images you need while minimizing radiation. Bottom line… no other CBCT lets you provide as high a level of patient safety and comfort while obtaining the images you need for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment as the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™.



BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ iTab™ Handheld Touchscreen Viewer

Snap, Show & Go!
  • Vibrant 16.7 million color touchscreen displays every detail
  • Store hundreds of images for diagnosis and presentation, then transfer to PC when convenient
  • Fast, easy connection with wireless Bluetooth 2 or high-speed USB 2.0
  • Advanced lithium polymer battery for a whole day's freedom of movement

The BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ iTab™ viewer puts sharp, diagnostic quality x-ray images in the palm of your hand for diagnosis and presentation, instantly – no more transferring to your PC, opening practice management software, or searching patient records. Just click to see the x-ray, diagnose, present to the patient and complete the case. Nothing could be faster or more efficient!

The iTab's touchscreen lets you zoom in on high-resolution images, making case presentation close-up and personal. Its secure digital storage card holds hundreds of images, a rechargeable battery lasts all day, and its intraoral sensor is state of the art.


BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ iSensor™

High Definition Diagnosis in an Instant
  • Ergonomic, anatomical shape ensures maximum patient comfort
  • Pocket-size control box for maximum portability
  • Industry-leading 3-layer sensor plate captures vivid detail

Capture the highest quality images in the shortest time with the BIOLASE DaVinci iSensor™. Its 25lp/mm, 14-bit CMOS sensors capture over 16,000 gray shades using a highly sophisticated three-layer design, for consistently sharp images over time.

The iSensor™ comes in two sizes, with smooth edges and chamfered corners anatomically designed to fit the oral cavity, simplifying sensor positioning and providing maximum patient comfort. A top cable exit makes vertical bitewings easier.

The iSensor's powerful miniature control box transfers images to PC as much as 20 times faster than the direct USB connection on other sensors. Compatible with most popular imaging software, it also comes with its own imaging software.


BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ iView™ Digital Intraoral Camera

Revealing Images for Better Informed Patients
  • 12 LEDs provide brightest illumination of any intraoral camera
  • No focusing or pushing buttons means sharp images every time
  • Lightweight and ergonomic for easy access to the area of interest
  • USB 2.0 connection speeds for instant image transfer and viewing

With the highest illumination in its category and progressive scan technology, the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ iView™ is an easy way to increase patient case acceptance. It automatically adjusts brightness and focus to give you sharp images to show patients immediately.

Extremely lightweight and ergonomic, with a sturdy, stainless steel grip, iView™ lets you access all areas of the mouth and connects easily to your PC via high-speed USB 2.0.


BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ iGen™ High Frequency X-ray Generator

Precision Beam, Precisely Placed
  • Infinite position ball-joint enables exact placement
  • Touch-sensitive unlocking / locking speeds repositioning
  • Wireless remote gives you complete settings control anywhere
  • Balanced to move effortlessly, arms are high-strength extruded aluminum
  • Precision beam improves image sharpness, minimizes collateral exposure

The unique positioning system of the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging iGen™ generator lets you capture the highest precision images with ease, at low radiation dosages. Its full-swivel, ball-joint mechanism lets you to place the generator in almost any position. Touch-sensitive pads provide power-assisted movement of the generator, that then locks in place precisely where you want it.

The iGen's tiny 0.4mm focal spot and constant potential tube head guarantee sharp images with significantly less radiation. Unlike wall-mounted, wired control panels, the wireless digital controller works anywhere in your operatory. The intuitive control system automatically sets KV, mA, and exposure time based on patient size and anatomic region of interest.