RFT Root Canal Therapy™

The Waterlase MD Turbo effectively fights endodontic infection.
The Waterlase MD Turbo using the Radial Firing Tip removes the infection-harboring instrument smear layer remaining after rotary or hand instrumentation. This smear layer not only contains infected tissue, but can seal infection within dentinal tubules.
Scanning Electron Microscopy shows how treatment with Waterlase MD™ Turbo Radial Firing Tips leaves canal walls free of smear layer, and opens dental tubules, allowing YSGG laser energy to penetrate and destroy bacteria.
Superior disinfection, minimally invasive access, greater efficacy, and more promising long-term results.
Endolase RFT Root Canal Therapy brochure
Why do treatments fail even when all canals are located and cleaning and enlargement is successful? Research has shown that most root canal treatment failures are caused by persistent or secondary intraradicular infections, with E. faecalis, the most prevalent species.1 Waterlase MD™ Turbo YSGG treatment may reduce the risk of retreatment.
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The RFT root canal therapy system.
The root canal therapy system for the WaterLase MD™ turbo includes one 200 micron and one 300 micron radial firing tip in a system that achieves significant results in the reduction of bacterial counts below detection level1 with the radial firing tip in only 2-3 minutes of treatment time.2



Step 1: Access PreparationStep 1: Access Preparation
Step 2: Conventional InstrumentationStep 2: Conventional Instrumentation
Step 3: Cleaning & EnlargementStep 3: Cleaning & Enlargement
Step 4: DisinfectionStep 4: Disinfection


1. Kleinknecht RA, Thorndike RM, McGlynn FD, Harkavy J (January 1984). “Factor analysis of the dental fear survey with cross-validation”. J Am Dent Assoc 108 (1): 59–61. PMID 6582116.
2. The impact of an erbium, chromium: yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet laser with radial-firing tips on endodontic treatment: U. Schoop, A. Barylyak, K. Goharkhay, F. Beer, J. Wernisch, A. Georgopoulos,W. Sperr, A. Moritz Lasers in Medical Science; DOI 10.1007/s10103-007-0520-4.


Waterlase Endolase RFT Root Canal Therapy


Dr. Michael Schlesinger
New York NY

“This not only enhances results in the hands of a periodontist using the Waterlase MD Turbo for regenerative procedures, is also an alternative treatment for the general dentist who is treating mild to moderate periodontal cases. Patients are also more likely to accept treatment when they hear that it is minimally invasive and patients who have accepted treatment are getting positive results and avoiding the side effects that they have heard about from conventional treatment.”

Dr. Bret Dyer
Sugar Land TX

“Deep Pocket Therapy is a highly effective, more aesthetic and more comfortable alternative to traditional surgical procedures for my patients.”

Dr. Dara Rosenberg
Director, Department of Dentistry for the General Practice Residency
St. Barnabas Hospital, NY

“This Therapy changes the environment in the periodontal pocket through removal of inflamed tissue and root surface calculus to promote healthy tissue regeneration.”