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Waterlase iPlus: An Essential Tool for The Modern Endodontic Office

By Dr. Varayini Yoganathan

From the moment I opened my specialist Endodontist practice, I began with the ethos of providing professional excellence and strived to achieve this by incorporating cutting-edge technology with next-level patient care.

Historically, I had been doing most of my Endodontic treatment in a multi-visit format with an interim dressing. This meant that my patients required at least two visits to complete their therapy, and they frequently reported post-operative discomfort following the first appointment. When COVID-19 struck, it became clear that the multiple visit method needed to be minimized while still providing my patients top-of-the-line care in an hour or less. This is when I introduced Waterlase iPlus into my practice.

Waterlase Dentist - Dr. Varayini Yoganathan

The support after the purchase was amazing! I couldn’t believe how friendly the BIOLASE knowledge opinion leaders were (Dr. Justin Kolnick and Dr. Charles Maupin) and the entire BIOLASE user community. The training was comprehensive and successfully helped me get up and running using the new equipment.

During laser-activated irrigation, the quantity of debris ejected from the canals made me wonder if needle irrigation was appropriate after the first week of use. I’ve never had a root canal system that was cleaner technically. Because the laser cleans so effectively, I no longer felt the need to apply an interim dressing for dental procedures. I was so certain of its efficacy that after 6 months, I transferred most of my treatments to single visit therapy. 

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I was quietly confident of the results that I was achieving clinically, and the feedback patients were providing was positive. It was exciting to do post-operative calls, almost all our patients reported immediate relief and minimal post-operative discomfort. As a patient-centered practice, this was all I desired and reinforced my confidence in the investment that I had made.

After that, the recall appointments started coming in, and the radiological healing was quick and comparable to those I had treated in multiple visits in the past. Over the last 18 months of practice, I’ve utilized the Waterlase on every single case that comes into my office. It’s so versatile that I can also use it for access preparation, cleaning sinus tracts, gingival augmentation, and crown lengthening.

Waterlase has helped me provide superior care to patients and become more efficient with my time. I have been able to offer full-service endodontic treatment and restorative care that translates into time and cost-effectiveness for the patient. It has taken us forward with the most cutting-edge technology available to deliver world-class endodontics in Sydney’s Hills District. With Watelase at my side, I now feel more secure while tackling technically difficult cases. 

Dr. Varayini Yoganathan

About Dr. Varayini Yoganathan

Dr. Varayini Yoganathan was raised in Otago, New Zealand and obtained a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Otago University in 2007 before receiving a Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics from the same institution in 2012. She lives with her husband (Prasanna) and two children (Logan, 4, and Benji, 1) in the Hills District of Sydney. She owns and operates a multidisciplinary specialist dental practice there called Australian Dental Specialists. Outside of work, she likes to visit Sydney’s culinary scene, lift weights, and read books to her sons. She has been a Waterlase user for the last 18 months.

To learn more about Dr. Yoganathan visit or follow her on Instagram @dr.vy.endo.