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Waterlase Trial Program

Start your Waterlase education journey with a 2-Day hands-on classroom training (14 CEs) plus a customized education and implementation plan.

Waterlase VIP Program

The VIP Waterlase Trial gives you the opportunity to authenticate selected clinical procedures on live patients, and collaborate with BIOLASE to customize your integration plan.


Learn the clinical benefits of Waterlase, and how we improve patient reported outcomes. Join one of our introductory seminars for dinner and CE!

Unlock the Basics

Foundations Courses

3 days of in-depth didactic and hands-on instruction from laser physics to clinical procedures. Clinicians will gain a foundational understanding of Waterlase™ in Restorative, Soft Tissue, Perio, Implant, and Endo- taught by multiple industry-leading laser specialists.

You’ll also explore best practices as to managing patient treatment acceptance and practice integration to enhance the minimally invasive concept of today’s dentistry in this 15+ CE course.

– Analgesia-free cavity preparations, with a focus on technique and parameters
– Osseous crown lengthening
– Crown & veneer removal

Soft Tissue Procedures:
– Gingivectomy, frenectomy, troughing, oral lesions

– Introduction to REPAIR Perio, minimally invasive protocol for management of moderate periodontitis
– Introduction to REPAIR Implant,  minimally invasive protocol to assist in the management of ailing or failing implants

– Root canal cleaning, irrigation, and disinfection, using the Waterlase RapidEndo Protocol, with a focus on anterior, single-rooted teeth

Your Path to Mastery

Advanced Courses

Highly focused specialized Advanced Courses specifically designed to provide clinicians a more in-depth understanding of the Waterlase All-Tissue Laser System™. You’ll learn innovative techniques for minimally invasive therapies treating hard- & soft-tissue in didactic and one-on-one, hands-on, surgical simulation settings.

  • Increase confidence in laser procedures and how to integrate into all clinical dental applications with this in-depth two day mastery course on topics from Restorative, to Soft-Tissue Surgical, to Perio, to Endo. 
  • Better understand how a procedure setting can be altered safely to adjust specific tissue outcomes to improve clinical success.

Recommended for Waterlase doctors who have completed In-Office Training or Waterlase Academy Foundations Course and are interested in learning more clinical applications or who need an update on Waterlase protocols.

  • Acquire skillsets with confidence to improve laser patient care in the following five areas: 1) Restorative: Class II and Crown Preps, 2) Frenectomy, 3) Pathology Removal, 4) Gingivectomy, 5) Pulpotomy

  • Explore best practices as to managing patient experience, treatment acceptance and practice integration for today’s pediatric dentist.

  • This course is recommended for Pediatric Dentists who are new Waterlase owners. General Dentists are eligible for this course if they have completed the Waterlase Academy Foundations Training Course or equivalent.

Join us for this live, in-depth, hands-on (simulated tissues), advanced course tailored to understanding perio-restorative, perio-pathology and various surgical uses- including management of peri-implantitis.

First-hand clinician experiences and case study presentations will be shared, from crown lengthening procedures to management of peri-implantitis and periodontitis. Discuss optimal incorporation of Waterlase considering patient acceptance and third-party relations.

This course is designed to empower clinicians with the skills to effectively prevent and manage perio conditions.

1. Understand and learn surgical and non-surgical Waterlase REPAIR protocols in managing periodontal conditions

2. Learn laser-assisted surface decontamination, implant removal and decontamination for implant site re-development. 

This course is recommended for Periodontists who are new Waterlase owners. General Dentists are eligible for this course if they have completed the Waterlase Academy Foundations Training Course or equivalent.

  • Understand how the incorporation of the Waterlase iPlus will streamline endodontic treatments to perform disinfection and cleaning, open dentinal tubules, decontamination prior to obturation, pulpotomy and pulp extirpation, and perform smear layer removal in the canal.

    Learn laser mechanism of action and YSGG interaction with water and tissue to optimize clinical applications.

    Recommended for Waterlase Owning Endodontists or GPs who have taken Foundations Course.


Certified Training

We offer on-demand one-on-one,  in-office training where we send a certified trainer to you!


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A fun and off the cuff educational podcast sharing interviews with expert laser specialists.

Laser 101: Intro Course

This initial course is a prerequisite for all Waterlase in-office training, live training courses and advanced training courses.



Access our library of step-by-step procedural animation videos for the most popular Waterlase procedures.

Waterlase Animation


Case Gallery

Case Gallery

Explore real case images in Perio, Endo, and Implantitis cases.


Clinical Case

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