Browse our collection of Waterlase Dentistry™ case studies below. They are each a brief illustration of the transformative power of Waterlase technology, its impact on our customers’ practices, and their patients’ care.  

Case Study: Dr. Pryor

Case Study: Dr. Aaron Pryor

Dr. Pryor discovered Waterlase Dentistry would not only provide a revitalized interest in dentistry, but a healthy ROI.

Case Study: Dr. Shawn Whitney

Case Study: Dr. Shawn Whitney

A dramatic increase in Dr. Whitney's patient satisfaction index is surpassed by an even higher increase in hourly production.

Case Study: Dr. Canzoneri

Case Study: Dr. Kenneth Canzoneri

General practitioner Dr. Canzoneri expands his practice to include new procedures he would not have attempted otherwise.

Case Study: Miner

Case Study: Dr. Mason Miner

Waterlase Dentistry pays off big for Dr. Miner in both patient comfort and satisfaction, as well as production volume.

Case Study: Patrick Ruehle

A 300% increase in referrals jump starts a revitalization and healthy growth for Dr. Ruehle's practice in rural Texas.

Case Study: Dr. Pooja Goel

Dr. Goel increases referrals and doubles her monthly revenue after investing in Waterlase technology.

Case Study: Murzyn-Dantzer

Case Study: Dr. Linda Murzyn-Dantzer

Dr. Murzyn-Dantzer, faculty member of Children's Hospital Colorado, presents the benefits and techniques of minimally invasive, infant lingual frenotomies to treat tongue-tie.

Case Study: Mast

Case Study: Dr. Christopher Mast

Waterlase Dentistry expands the capabilities of Dr. Christopher Mast, resulting in consistent practice growth, as he builds a high-tech practice from the ground-up in Montana.