Innovative Technologies from BIOLASE

WaterLase iPlus 

WaterLase iPlus

The Most Advanced Evolution of WaterLase Technology ever...

The WaterLase iPlus Delivers 2,780nm YSGG and 940nm diode versatility with docking station for optional iLase™ wireless laser.

The iPlus "Point and Perform" graphical user interface instantly programs ideal settings for each procedure you select. The iPlus also cuts hard-tissue as fast as conventional drills, but without the discomfort or risk of cross contamination.

WaterLase MDX 

WaterLase MDX

The World's Most Advanced Dental Laser Technology.

Thousands of dentists have added "no shot, no drill, no pain*" WaterLase treatment to their patient offerings with our MD laser system. Once again, we've improved this time-tested technology, adding some of the same advanced features found on our flagship WaterLase iPlus – the most advanced laser system ever in dentistry.

*Discomfort is based on individual sensitivity to pain, and other factors, so not all patients can be treated painlessly without anesthetic.

Waterlase MD Turbo 

Waterlase MD Turbo

The World's Most Advanced Dental Laser Technology.

The Waterlase MD™ Turbo is the ideal all-tissue laser for the multidisciplinary dentist who performs a broad spectrum of procedures, or for the specialist.

The MD Turbo combines high speed with industry-leading Waterlase technology, delivering the highest level of clinician control, operating efficiency, and flexibility in tip and accessory selection.

For optimal clinical results and patient comfort in hard and soft tissue procedures, The Waterlase MD™ Turbo sets a new standard of performance.

epic diode laser 


The Only Total Diode Solution

Power, portability, and high performance for greater comfort for patients and greater productivity for you.



Powerful. Affordable. Beyond Portable.

With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the revolutionary iLase™ takes dental lasers beyond portable. The next instrument for your tray. The laser for every dentist, every hygienist, every day.

Diolase 10 

Diolase 10

Pain therapy in the palm of your hand.

Meet the Diolase 10™ from Biolase, a world leader in dental and medical laser technology. Pain therapy in the palm of your hand.


NewTom VG3

First in Cone Beam, Accurate in Results

NewTom VG3 takes an image at every degree of rotation, 360° rotation = 360 images, increasing the range of possibilities for image manipulation. A revolutionary flat panel X-ray detector produces the clearest, sharpest images possible. NewTom VG3 features an adjustable Field Of View, which allows the operator to irradiate just the right volume, depending on the required clinical application.


  • Large FOV to include the entire mandible and maxilla for a complete diagnosis.
  • New generation of the NNT Software for all types of image reconstructions and analyses.
  • A dedicated digital sensor and specific algorithms provide a full range of information.
  • A greater comfort for patients leads to a better acceptance of the treatment.
  • The margin of error is reduced thanks to the precise 1:1 scale and a 16 bit grey scale.
  • SafeBeam™ Technology adjusts the radiation dosage for patient safety.
  • Simple upgradability to 3D and Ceph gives added value.

NewTom VGI

Cone Beam 3D Imaging. True medical grade imaging technology at a fraction of the cost and radiation exposure.

BIOLASE is now the Exclusive North America Dental Distributor of NewTom.

Best-in-Class Performance

  • Medical-Grade Rotating Anode
  • Up to 50% higher image resolution
  • Up to 50% smaller slice thickness
  • Adjustable FOV
  • Fast image reconstruction


  • SafeBeam™ technology reduces radiation dose
  • Less than 4 seconds of total exposure


  • Open-Environment for Patient Comfort
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Small Footprint

Ease of Use

  • Standard DICOM compatible with 3rd Party Applications
  • Viewer and Sharing Application Included
Trios Pod

3Shape TRIOS® Pod

3Shape’s new TRIOS® Pod is a new configuration solution and an alternative to the TRIOS® cart. It enables scanning with the TRIOS® handheld scanner and software using selected laptop PCs. The solution offers a high degree of mobility and flexibility for dentists working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space. The TRIOS® Pod lets users control scanning from an iPad or mirror the 3D view on other displays in the clinic such as monitors integrated in the
in 2 Versions: TRIOS® Color POD & TRIOS® Standard POD (Black & White). *Alienware Laptop is available for an additional charge*

Color Option

3Shape’s new RealColor™ Technology in the TRIOS® Color digital impression-taking solution facilitates the creation of scan images in the appearance of real teeth and gingiva. The natural looking colors provide an excellent scanning experience, and make it easy for dentists to distinguish between the different types of restorative materials (metals, enamel, composite, etc.), recognize bleeding areas, see color transitions on teeth, and easily identify margin lines with enhanced detail.

General benefits of digital impression taking:

LAB – Streamlined workflow

  • Digital impressions can immediately go into your digital workflow
  • Receive cases from your dentists instantly
  • Communicate quickly and easily with your dentist via 3Shape Communicate

DENTIST - High quality clinical results

  • High digital impression accuracy for high quality restoration fit
  • Instant preparation and impression validation
  • Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating

PATIENT – Better experience

  • Quick with no discomfort caused by impression materials
  • Extra comfortable with powder-free scanning

Specifications for Pod
Laptops suitable for TRIOS™ pod, Color or Black & White Versions:

  • Intel i7 Quad Processor
  • Minimum 16 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
  • Minimum 512 GB Flash Storage for Graphics Card
  • High GPU & Memory for High-End Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX/ATI/AMD/Radeon ATX)
3Shape TRIOS 

3Shape TRIOS® Cart

Provide Accurate Digital Impressions. Intra-oral 3D Scanning Made Fast, Easy and
in 2 Versions: TRIOS® Color Cart & TRIOS® Standard Cart
(Black & White)

TRIOS scanner benefits and features

  • Up to 1000 3D pictures for true geometries
  • Spray-free for optimal accuracy and comfort
  • Designed for high-speed impression capture
  • Ergonomic grip for perfect control
  • Autoclaveable scanner tip

Scanning has never been easier. No need to hold the scanner at a specific distance or angle for focus. Dentists or assistants can even rest the scanner on the teeth for support as they scan.

TRIOS cart benefits and features

  • Live 3D visualization
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Sleek design
  • Unique motion sensor interface
  • Mobility and Wi-Fi
  • Easy-to-clean

General benefits of digital impression taking


  • Less adjustment and grinding during seating
  • Improved accuracy and clinical results
  • Faster than traditional impression taking
  • Reduced need for retakes
  • No impression materials and mess
  • Cost savings related to materials and shipping


  • Quick and comfortable experience
  • Better restoration fits and minimal grinding
  • Improved clinical results
  • Reduced number of appointments due to fewer retakes
  • Reduced over-all chair-time
Newtom 5G 

NewTom 5G Cone Beam CT

Only true OPEN Gantry CBCT on market for clinical flexibility and patient comfort

The NewTom 5G is configured as a horizontal system and is ideally suited to patients who are unable to remain stationary in a vertical position during the scan. This could include sedated patients, trauma cases, infants, geriatrics and special needs patients. The 'pass through' gantry design also allows other extremities such as hands, ankles, feet, elbows and knees to be scanned with hard tissue image quality equivalent to traditional CT scans.

  • Flat panel sensor technology for exceptionally high resolution images
  • Safe beam exposure control minimizes exposure
  • Seated or horizontal patient entry for maximum comfort and reduced re-takes
  • Horizontal scan position for sedated & trauma patients and infants.
  • Six programmable 'Fields of View' from 6x6cm to 18x16cm.
  • Lowest dose of any comparable CBCT on the market
  • Pass through gantry allows other body extremities to be scanned

BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ CBCT System

The lowest radiation for multiple-field-of-view 3D CBCT systems
  • High-speed scan and pulsed x-ray lower radiation exposure
  • Reclines patient, reducing image-blurring patient movement by 50%, significantly reducing retakes and exposure*
  • Unmatched patient comfort – no restraints needed, no "closed-in" feeling
  • Multiple fields of view enable implant, ortho, endo, oral surgery, 3rd molar extractions, TMD and other applications in one system

Because we know that the health and safety of your patients is always your primary concern, the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ uses the lowest radiation for multiple-field-of-view 3D CBCT systems – as little radiation as two panoramic images.

To further reduce patient exposure, the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ reclines the patient, reducing image-blurring movement by 50 percent compared to systems that use seated or standing positions, to eliminate re-takes. With the patient lying down, no restraints are needed, and the patient is never placed in a closed-in space.

The gives you the field of view (FOV) and high definition images you need while minimizing radiation. Bottom line… no other CBCT lets you provide as high a level of patient safety and comfort while obtaining the images you need for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment as the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™.