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Laser Bacterial Reduction has never been easier

  • The Only Hygiene-Only Laser FDA Cleared For Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR).
  • Generate $15,000 to $40,000+ in added revenue per year
  • Your exclusive Post-COVID Practice Guidebook features easy, step-by-step protocols to help keep your practice and patients safe.
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Laser Bacterial Reduction Hygiene Protocol Guide

Get your free, exclusive Laser Bacterial Reduction practice guide and learn step-by-step aerosol-free LBR hygiene protocols, breaking down non-surgical periodontal management from the start to finish.

Download your protocol guide today!

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Clinical Videos

Discover the power of Epic lasers through our curated collection of clinical videos by leading Epic clinicians. 

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Laser Bacterial Reduction

Courtesy of Lynn Atkinson, RDH

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LBR in 5 minutes!

Courtesy of Lynn Atkinson, RDH

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Herpetic Lesion Treatment

Courtesy of Lynn Atkinson, RDH


Benefits Diode Lasers in
Hygiene Appointments

This on-demand webinar explores the unique healing benefits of lasers in dental hygiene, focusing on disinfection and reducing systemic inflammation. It clarifies when and why lasers should be used, the specific procedures they enhance, and the expected outcomes.

Gain insights into incorporating lasers strategically for improved patient care and expanding practice philosophy towards health and wellness.

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