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Traditional implant repair methods often involve invasive techniques, lengthy healing periods, and discomfort for patients. Eliminate these challenges by harnessing the precision and gentle nature of Waterlase.

Waterlase’s YSGG wavelength can precisely target infected tissue, promoting healthy bone growth and optimizing implant stability. Waterlase enhances the long-term success of implant restorations.

Waterlase’s allows you to save ailing and failing implants that previously may have been a lost cause. Learn more about the improved outcomes, reduced patient discomfort, and accelerated healing times of Waterlase!

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REPAIR Implant


A Better Way to
Manage Peri-Implantitis

  • Achieve definitive degranulation of inflammatory lesions with photo-acoustic laser energy.
  • Gain effective subgingival access for decontamination of implant surfaces and in between threads with unique side firing tip.
  • Effectively debride the implant surface without damaging or significantly affecting the surface temperature of titanium implants. 1

*Human Histologic Evaluations of the Use of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser to Decontaminate an Infected Dental Implant Surface in Preparation for Implant Reosseointegration; Myron Nevins, Stefano Parma Benfenati, Primo Galletti, et. al.; International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, November/December 2020, Volume 40, Issue 6; Data on file.

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Successfully managing

Dr. Paul Chang emphasizes the significance of effectively managing peri-implantitis, highlighting the remarkable capabilities of the Waterlase iPlus as the most versatile tool in dentistry.

Nevins et. al.

Clinical Study

Human Histologic Evaluations of the Use of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser to Decontaminate an Infected Dental Implant Surface in Preparation for Implant Reosseointegration

Myron Nevins DDS, Stefano Parma Benfenati DDS, Primo Galletti DDS, MD, Andrei Zuchi DDS, Cosmin Sava DDS, Catalin Sava DDS, Mihaela Trifan DDS, Andriano Piattelli MD, DDS, DrHC, Giovanna Iezzi DDS, PhD, Chia-Yu Chen DDS, DMSc, David M Kim DDS, DMSc, Isabella Rocchietta DDS, DMSc

Background: This investigation was designed to evaluate the reestablishment of bone-to-implant contact on infected dental surfaces following decontamination with Er,Cr:YSGG laser and reconstructive therapy.

  • Waterlase was able to effectively debride the implant surface without damaging or significantly increasing temperature of titanium implant
  • Histologic evidence of new bone formation, suggesting a positive role of Er,Cr: YSGG laser in debridement of titanium implant surface to facilitate subsequent regenerative treatment.
  • Reentry at 6 mo. revealed excellent healing, with a remarkable bone gain  covering the previously exposed implant surface, observed radiographically and clinically. 

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Incover Implant with Waterlase
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Implant Uncovering

Clinical Videos

Discover the power of Waterlase for periodontal procedures through our curated collection of clinical videos by leading periodontists. Witness the precision, learn minimally invasive techniques, and observe improved treatment outcomes. 


Successful Innovative Strategies to Manage Peri-implantitis with the Er,Cr:YSGG Laser

The Er,Cr:YSGG all-tissue laser is effective in managing the diseased implant environment ranging from decontamination of the implant surface to decortication.

Through case reports, our esteemed panel speakers will add their respective “pearls of wisdom” to laser surgical intervention with adjunctive steps using osseous grafting, biologics, restorative management, and occlusion dynamics resulting in the resurrection of the dental implant.

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Waterlase Implant

Waterlase iPlus

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Experience the flexibility of our innovative modular software tailored to suit your practice’s unique requirements, with options ranging from Soft-Tissue, Perio, Implant, Restorative, Endo, and Skin Resurfacing.

Each procedure module is designed to foster practice growth, empowering you to grow at your own pace. 


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