REPAIR Implant

A New Way to Manage Peri-Implantitis

REPAIR Implant - Courtesy of Dr. Todd JorgensonAs the dental profession adapts to rapid advances in dental implants, it is critical that your office is equipped to meet clinical challenges and manage any cases of peri-implant disease that may arise.

Today’s dentists must offer a gentle, effective, modern therapy for incidences of peri-implantitis. BIOLASE dental lasers offer fast, effective, minimally invasive alternatives to traditional implant surgical tools.

Our Waterlase Express and Waterlase iPlus feature the REPAIR Implant protocol for flapless, acid-free debridement of the implant and surrounding tissues.

Waterlase Side Firing Tip

The ALL-NEW Waterlase Side Firing Tip™

Our NEW Waterlase Side Firing Tip (SFT) is ideal for safely and effectively debriding implant threads. The 180° directional handle and uniquely tapered design put more confidence in your hands. Oral health professionals including dentists and hygenists are able to treat infected subgingival implant surfaces without opening a flap.

In conjunction with Waterlase Express™, the REPAIR Implant™ protocol with SFT is a groundbreaking solution for the management of peri-implantitis.

  • Minimally invasive, no scalpels, sutures or open flaps
  • Treat specific sites or full-mouth cases in a single visit
  • Increase patient flow and case acceptance with patient-preferred laser technology
Feature Side Firing Tip (SFT) Traditional Methods 
Access to subgingival infected implant and in-between threads, without opening a flap YES NO
Effective at removing >98% of biofilm on infected implant* YES NO
Does not damage titanium surface or significantly affect surface temperature YES NO

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