• Gentle and precise tooth decay removal with less aerosols, less vibration and little-to-no anesthesia.
  • Faster, multi-quadrant dentistry for more same day treatments and fewer follow up visits.
  • Quick easy frenectomies grow revenue with one simple 5-minute procedure.
  • Soft tissue procedures with less blood and faster healing than traditional scalpel/suture methods.

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Better Pediatrics

less aerosols, less vibration and little-to-no anesthesia

Waterlase uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform dental procedures that otherwise are performed with a dental drill or scalpel. This gentler method of treatment can help eliminate fear and anxieties associated with dental visits by providing a safer environment producing less aerosols and little-to-no anesthesia for most procedures. Help your young patients foster a healthier life-long mindset about oral care and eliminate “fear of the dentist”!  

Pediatric Dentist
Lingual Frenectomy with Waterlase

Patient Benefits

Quick and Easy Frenectomies

Based on increasing demand, dentists are rapidly adopting more patient-friendly frenectomy techniques. Start performing bladeless, bloodless, sutureless frenectomies with Waterlase and improve your patient and parent experiences and your bottom line. Discover untapped ROI, with one simple 5 minute procedure!



Hear how Dr. John R. Blaich’s practice treats over 120 patients per day including children with special needs, providing them with a more gentle and comfortable dental experience. 

Watch Dr. Blaich’s testimonial video and see how his practice has grown thanks to Waterlase Dentistry!

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Clinical Animation: Lingual Frenectomy with Waterlase


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Clinical Animation: Maxillary Frenectomy with Waterlase


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Clinical Animation: Deciduous Class I with Waterlase


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Presenters: Drs. Ben Curtis, Cherish Leung and Linda Murzyn-Dantzer

Presenter: Dr. Ben Curtis

Presenter: Dr. Ben Curtis