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Aplicațiile laserului diodă 940nm Epic în stomatologie
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Dr. Codruta Ciurescu

Transforming Hygiene Therapy Using Diode Laser Technology

Beata Knysak, Dental Hygienist

Diode 940 Photobiomodulation- Analgesia, Optimal Healing, Repair and Regeneration

Dr. Mark Cronshaw

Results Driven Endodontic Treatment Utilizing a Dental Laser

Dr. Charles Maupin

Endodoncia Asistida con Laser
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Dr. Isaac Kably Mizrahi

Optimizing Dental Treatment with a Diode Laser

Dr. Michael Koceja

Laser Applications in Periodontics and Implantology

Dr. David Kim

A New Therapeutic Approach for 940 Diode Laser in Periodontal Treatment

Dr. Alin Alexandru Odor

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