Patient-Friendly Restorative Dentistry

Class 5 RestorativeRestorative dentistry is a major part of your practice today. Keeping patients happy and satisfied is key to your success, and no solution does more to impact patient comfort and happiness than a Waterlase All-Tissue Laser.

When a patient is presented with a restorative procedure requiring traditional tools like injections, drills, and scalpels, it’s not something they look forward to. With Waterlase, there is a less painful, safe and effective way to help patients with their restorative needs.

Patient Benefits:

  • Cavity preparation without a loud, vibrating high-speed handpiece.
  • Less pain/discomfort — with little to no anesthesia required.
  • Less postoperative swelling/pain.
  • Same day, multi-quadrant treatments require fewer appointments and are more convenient.

Practice Benefits:

  • Reduced need for anesthesia reduces patient fear and anxiety.
  • Precise ablation of caries conserves more healthy tissue.
  • Reduce bacteria at the cavity site.
  • Fewer post-operative complications.
  • Reduced chair time due to reduction or elimination of anesthesia.
  • Do more in a single visit with multi-quadrant treatments.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry™ delivers what dentists want most: more efficient procedures, fewer complications, and ultimately- happy patients.

Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry

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