Waterlase Soft Tissue Surgery


Soft Tissue Surgery
Made Simple

  • Ability to quickly cut, sculpt, or modify soft tissue during oral surgical procedures.
  • Make achieving hemostasis and controlling the surgical zone easy, with the simple tap of a pre-set on the laser’s touch screen.
  • Steer clear of pitfalls and complications associated with scalpels or other cutting instruments, consider using a BIOLASE laser to accomplish soft-tissue objectives.

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Soft Tissue | Waterlase
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Gingivectomy with Waterlase
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Clinical Videos

Discover the power of Waterlase for minimally invasive soft-tissue procedures by leading Waterlase clinicians. Witness the precision, learn minimally invasive techniques, and observe improved treatment outcomes. 

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Courtesy of Dr. Stephen John

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Gingivectomy for Hyperplasia

Courtesy of Dr. Stephen John


Optimal Treatment of Soft-Tissue and Oral Lesions Using Dental Lasers

 Join Dr. Russ Morrow as he discusses his clinical experience in several different types of cases including oral lesions, hemangiomas and venous lakes using both diode and all-tissue lasers.

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Waterlase Soft Tissue


Experience The Next Level of Power and Precision

Experience the flexibility of our innovative modular software tailored to suit your practice’s unique requirements, with options ranging from Soft-Tissue, Perio, Implant, Restorative, Endo, and Skin Resurfacing.

Each procedure module is designed to foster practice growth, empowering you to grow at your own pace. 


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