Provide Quick Pain Relief

Using the Epic Deep Tissue Handpiece, the Epic laser provides a therapeutic and non-invasive way of reducing and managing oral and maxillofacial pain in as little as ten minutes. Deliver quick pain relief to your patients, attract new patients, and grow your practice with Epic X Pain Therapy.

Pain Therapy

Practice Benefits


Epic diode lasers are a powerful addition, helping you deliver a new type of patient experience and generating new revenue for your practice.

  • Relieve pain and suffering for your patients without prescription drugs
  • Provide treatment in as little as ten minutes
  • Deliver a new type of patient experience
  • Generate new revenue for your practice
  • Increase referrals with technologically advanced care

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Modulating Pain and Inflammation with Laser Therapy

For over forty years, low level laser therapy (LLLT) and photobiomodulation (PBM) have been shown to reduce inflammation and edema, induce analgesia, and promote healing. This presentation will review the benefits of using PBM for pain management, the biochemical mechanisms of action, and why this non-invasive modality should be employed by dental professionals to improve outcomes and reduce adverse events following trauma or surgery.

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