Waterlase Smile Design


Minimally Invasive Crown Lengthening Procedure

Waterlase precisely and effectively sculpts both hard and soft tissue, to allow for artistic and esthetic smile design. Waterlase allows efficient refinement of soft tissue around the gum line and easily swaps to osseous mode, for a seamless transition in both esthetics and workflow.

  • Minimally Invasive — no flap needed for many patients, and no blades or burs!
  • Efficient workflow, using preset settings and not having to swap to multiple tools, just use your Waterlase!
  • Reduced need for sutures, and same day treatment possible!

Courtesy of Dr. Irving Alvarez

Crown Lengthening Protocol

Crown Lengthening Protocol

This exclusive protocol guide demonstrates a minimally-invasive, step-by-step protocol for predictable crown lengthening. Achieve optimal esthetic outcomes and patient-pleasing post-operative healing.

Learn more about Waterlase Closed Crown Lengthening – download your free protocol guide today!

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Teeth Lengthening with Waterlase
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Closed-Flap Crown Lengthening

Open Flap Lengthening with Waterlase
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Open-Flap Crown Lengthening

Gingivectomy with Waterlase
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The Basics of Laser-Assisted Crown Lengthening

The use of all-tissue lasers for select cases allows the restorative dentist the option to handle crown lengthening procedures that include gingival and bony correction, at the time of restorative preparation saving time and maintaining control of the aesthetic and biologic outcome of the case.

This webinar will highlight techniques and cases where use of an all-tissue laser as part of treatment execution can provide and excellent aesthetic and biologic outcome improving the quality of the restorative dentistry provided.

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Waterlase Soft Tissue


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Experience the flexibility of our innovative modular software tailored to suit your practice’s unique requirements, with options ranging from Soft-Tissue, Perio, Implant, Restorative, Endo, and Skin Resurfacing.

Each procedure module is designed to foster practice growth, empowering you to grow at your own pace. 


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