Quick and Easy Frenectomies

  • Stress-free frenectomies with less blood and faster healing than traditional scalpel/suture methods.
  • Help parents during an intense period of their child’s life, creating lifelong patient relationships.
  • Provide predictable treatment without local anesthesia.
  • Grow revenue with a quick and easy 5-minute frenectomy procedure.
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Frenectomy Protocol Guide | Waterlase

Frenectomy Protocol


This exclusive protocol guide demonstrates a minimally-invasive, step-by-step protocol for a simple and effective approach to performing frenectomies. Give your young patients kinder, gentler dental care.

Less aerosols, Less vibration and Little-to-no Anesthesia

Dentists are rapidly adopting more patient-friendly frenectomy techniques. Start performing bladeless, bloodless, sutureless frenectomies with Waterlase and improve your patient and parent experiences and your bottom line. Discover untapped ROI, with one simple 5-minute procedure!

Soft Tissue | Waterlase
Temperature comparison of lasers
Faster Recovery with Waterlase

Less heat, less discomfort, faster recovery

Waterlase produces lower thermal effects — even with the water turned off, CO2 is over five times hotter than Waterlase!1

*Download the brochure for citations and scientific literature.

View Technique Animations

Lingual Frenectomy with Waterlase
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Lingual Frenectomy

Maxillary Frenectomy with Waterlase
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Maxillary Frenectomy

Clinical Videos

Discover the power of Waterlase for minimally invasive frenectomy procedures by leading Waterlase clinicians. Witness the precision, learn minimally invasive techniques, and observe improved treatment outcomes. 

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Infant Frenectomy

Courtesy of Dr. Marjan Jones

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Lingual Frenectomy


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Labial Frenectomy



Frenectomy & The Pediatric Patient

Lasers are a major benefit to both the general dentist and pediatric dentist. Recently, there has been greater attention to the frenectomy procedure for “tongue tie “as related to lactation, speech, and jaw/airway development.

Dr. Linda Murzyn-Dantzer shows you everything you need to know about the positive effects of laser integration in dental practice. Watch the free on-demand webinar!

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Waterlase Frenectomy


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