Waterlase Endodontics


Get predictable and efficient disinfection, minimize patient discomfort, and  maximum conservation of tooth structure with minimally-invasive 1mm access.

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Courtesy of Francisco A. Banchs, DDS, DMD, MSc


Improved Fluid Dynamics for Incredible Results

  • Clean complex anatomy with greater access to lateral canals and the critical apical third
  • Less Post-Op Patient Discomfort with minimally-invasive access
  • Improve Efficiency within your workflow for more productivity and less fatigue
  • Perform patient pleasing single-visit endo – allowing you to care for more patients

Waterlase Endodontic Irrigation

  • Better fluid dynamics with laser-assisted cavitation to maintain patency
  • Cavitation bubbles extend reach into lateral canals
  • Ablility to effectively target apical third
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Anti-microbial Study

Background: The authors used an in vitro model to investigate the ability of an erbium, chromium:yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet (Er,Cr:YSGG) laser with radial emitting tips to disinfect Enterococcus faecalis–infected dentin.

JaDa 2007;138(July): 992-1002.

Clinical Study

antimicrobial efficacy of the er, cr: ySGG laser with radial emitting tips on root canal dentin walls infected with Enterococcus faecalis

Wanda Gordon, DMD; Vahid A. Atabakhsh, DDS; Fernando Meza, DMD; Aaron Doms, DDS; Roni Nissan, DMD; Ioana Rizoiu, MS; Roy H. Stevens, DDS, MS


  • “The results of this study suggest that the Er,Cr:YSGG laser with a radial emitting tip has a significant antimicrobial effect on dentinal tubules infected with E. faecalis.”
  • “This (laser) penetration of dentin may provide the laser with advantages versus conventional methods of dentin disinfection, such as sodium hypochlorite irrigation”

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Deciduous Pulpotomy

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Deciduous Pulp Cap

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Pulp Cap

Clinical Videos

Elevate your understanding of advanced endodontics. Discover the power of the Waterlase iPlus for endodontic procedures through our curated collection of clinical videos by leading endodontists. Witness its precision, minimally invasive techniques, and improved treatment outcomes. 


Lasers in Endodontics:
Safe, Efficient, Effective

With many new endodontic treatment options, it is important to choose new techniques based on clinical evidence and synergy within your current workflow.

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Waterlase Endo


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