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Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition™ unveiled at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2024

John Beaver, BIOLASE President and CEO

"We believe the launch of the Waterlase iPlus Premier Edition represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of laser dentistry and sets a benchmark for innovation and accessibility in dental technology."

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Transforming Root Canal Treatment with Dental Lasers

By: Dr. Fernando J. Meza

Dr. Fernando Meza, discusses the use of dental lasers, specifically the Waterlase iPlus, in root canal treatments. Dr. Meza shares his experience and explains how the dental laser technology has revolutionized the traditional root canal procedure, making it less invasive, more efficient, and improving the overall patient experience. The article presents two cases, one performed without the dental laser and one using the laser, to demonstrate the benefits and advancements of using lasers in endodontic treatments.

Oral Health

It’s About the Agitation: The Waterlase iPlus Er,Cr:YSGG Advantage in Laser Assisted Endodontics

By: Dr. Fernando J. Meza

The article discusses the limitations of traditional methods of root canal disinfection, which rely on mechanical instrumentation and syringe irrigation. It highlights the importance of chemical and mechanical interactions for proper disinfection and introduces the Waterlase iPlus, an all-tissue laser, as an exceptional tool for enhanced irrigation in laser-assisted endodontics. The article emphasizes the need for proper agitation of irrigating solutions and explains how the laser technology can improve the disinfection process in root canal treatments.

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A Conservative Treatment to Address Functional and Esthetic Concerns

By: Megan A. Shelton, DMD

The article describes the use of an (Er,Cr:YSGG) laser for performing a maxillary labial frenectomy. The frenectomy was done after the completion of orthodontic treatment to address issues related to teeth intrusion and narrowing of diastemas between certain teeth. The purpose of the frenectomy was to eliminate the thick attachment of the frenum fibers and promote stability in the orthodontic treatment.

Oral Health

The Time Has Come: Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation Techniques to be Replaced by Laser Photo-acoustics in Root Canal Treatment

By: Fernando J. Meza

The article discusses the advantages of using the Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser (Er,Cr:YSGG) by Biolase for root canal debridement and disinfection in the treatment of apical periodontitis. It emphasizes the importance of using appropriate materials and methods in scientific studies to accurately evaluate treatment outcomes. The article also compares the effectiveness of lasers to other methods, such as ultrasonics, in achieving enhanced canal debridement and disinfection. It suggests that lasers offer superior results and are more aligned with recent goals in root canal treatment compared to other techniques.

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Deep Dive: Dental Lasers Enhance Root Canal Treatments for Both Patients and Providers​

By: Dr. Fernando J. Meza

The article discusses how dental lasers are enhancing root canal treatments for both patients and dental providers. It highlights the drawbacks of conventional tools used in root canal treatments and explains how lasers offer more precise care, faster healing, improved accuracy, and reduced need for drills and anesthesia. The article emphasizes the potential of dental lasers to revolutionize root canal treatment and improve outcomes for patients.

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Treating Tongue-Tie With Dental Laser Surgery​

By: Dr. Ben Curtis

The article discusses the condition of ankyloglossia, commonly known as “tongue-tie,” and its impact on breastfeeding, swallowing, speech, dental health, and overall well-being. It highlights the signs and symptoms of tongue-tie in newborns, such as latching difficulties and poor milk transfer, and the potential consequences if left untreated. The article also emphasizes the importance of proper diagnosis and management of tongue-tie to prevent unnecessary interventions and promote optimal health outcomes for infants and children.

Dental + DSO Review

The Most Overrated Trends in Dentistry

By: Dr. Samuel B. Low

The article discusses the consideration of factors beyond monetary return on investment when adopting new technologies in dental practices. It highlights the importance of personal, mental, and physical health for practitioners and their teams. The article suggests that while financial gains are important, it is crucial to prioritize overall well-being and the positive impact of technology on practitioners’ lives when making decisions about technology adoption in dental practices.

Dental Products Report

Hype vs. Reality: Is New Dental Technology Changing the Game

By: Dr. Samuel B. Low

The article discusses the advancements and benefits of laser dentistry technology in improving patient care and outcomes. Dr. Samuel B. Low, the Chief Dental Officer of BIOLASE, emphasizes that laser dentistry has revolutionized various aspects of oral healthcare, including restoration, pain alleviation, anxiety reduction, and improved patient quality of life. Dr. Low highlights BIOLASE’s role as a leading innovator in dental lasers, offering user-friendly, safe, efficient, and time-effective laser systems for a wide range of minimally invasive procedures in different dental specialties.

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