Lasers have been shown in all fields of medicine to have profound positive benefits for patients and clinicians alike. Dentistry is no different. Laser technology from BIOLASE is designed expressly for dental applications, such as cavity preparations, soft tissue surgeries, and much more. Click on the Treatments below to learn why Waterlase is the essential dental laser solution for your practice.



Restorative dentistry is a major part of dental practices today. Keeping patients happy and satisfied... Learn More


Smile Design

As a dentist, providing state of the art dental procedures is a top priority, and... Learn More



The differences between a laser and a scalpel when used for dental surgery and other... Learn More



Pediatric dentistry, providing primary and comprehensive dental treatment for infants, children, teens and special care... Learn More



Nearly 40% of patients have mild to moderate perio (periodontitis). Even with the best hygiene... Learn More



As the dental profession adapts to rapid advances in dental implants, it is critical that... Learn More


Endodontics & Root Canal Treatment

Waterlase dental lasers are an effective root canal treatment to fight endodontic infection, performing root... Learn More


Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic improvements that patients seek. Even with... Learn More


Pain Therapy

With more than 39 million adults or 22% of American adults experiencing orofacial pain (Lipton... Learn More