It is hard to imagine where my practice would be without my Waterlase
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Dr. Stewart Rosenberg Laurel

“WaterLase technology has completely transformed the dental experience for my patients and for me. Now BIOLASE has once again transformed laser dentistry! The WaterLase iPlus™ is a true breakthrough in speed, ease of use and productivity!”
Dr. Stewart Rosenberg Laurel MD

Dr. William Chen Granite City

“WaterLase has always delivered the best patient comfort and clinical results. Now it’s also number one in speed, simplicity and return on investment.”
Dr. William Chen Granite City IL

Dr. Olga Risovannaya Krasnodar

“Every day my patients and I get great pleasure from the efficiency, aesthetics, comfort and safety of WaterLase technology. I cannot imagine how I would work without it in my everyday practice.”
Dr. Olga Risovannaya Krasnodar Russia

Dr. Chris Bugg General Dentist Cushing

"Every single patient is amazed at how fast, easy, and pain free the WaterLase procedure was performed. They question me with that s it!?" after I raise the chair. A 30-40 min. appointment is now completed in 5-10 minutes, if even that!"
Dr. Chris Bugg General Dentist, Cushing OK

Dr. Bill Greider Fort Meyers

"With double the energy and half the pulse, I can cut posterior teeth in only a minute or two while optimizing patient comfort and reducing anxiety."
Dr. Bill Greider Fort Meyers FL

Dr. Bruce Cassis Fayatteville

"Since becoming a laser dentist in 2000, my practice has grown tremendously, because of the more gentle approach using laser assisted techniques… Isn't that what it is all about, providing our patients with the best that dentistry has to offer?"
Dr. Bruce Cassis Fayatteville WV

Dr. Steven Spitz Boston

"...My iPlus is by far the single most advanced laser ever produced in terms of cutting speed... I never thought it was ever going to be that different from the WaterLase MD that I have, but it is!"
Dr. Steven Spitz Boston MA

Dr. Betty Barr

"We continue to learn more about the lasers and use them more and more, because when we go to CE courses and when we go to the Laser Study Club in Denver, we're encouraged by other practitioners in the area to increase our applications of the lasers."
Dr. Betty Barr Pediatric Dentist, Westminster CO

Dr. Karen Foster

"Being a laser dentist has opened many doors for me. Through WCLI, study clubs and laser courses, I have met many wonderful people and been able to expand my contacts within dentistry."
Dr. Karen Foster Pediatric Dentist, Aurora CO

Dr. David Greene

"Since purchasing my WaterLase many people have asked me, "Are you making more money with it?" "Does it cover your lease payments?" The answer is yes, but it really doesn't matter. The WaterLase has made me a better dentist in so many ways…"
Dr. David Greene New York NY

Dr. Jose Aunon

"I am significantly faster and much more efficient with any procedure using the iPlus laser than with anesthetic and a drill or a #15 blade. But what is most rewarding is the look on the patient's face when they hear that we are done. That truly is PRICELESS."
Dr. Jose Aunon

Dr. Michael Schlesinger

"This not only enhances results in the hands of a periodontist using the WaterLase for regenerative procedures, it is also an alternative treatment for the general dentist who is treating mild to moderate periodontal cases..."
Dr. Michael Schlesinger Periodontist, NY

Dr. Brett Dyer

"Deep Pocket Therapy with New Attachment™ is a whole new paradigm in the management of periodontal disease...With this procedure, we are closer now to reversing the disease than we have ever been."
Dr. Brett Dyer Periodontist Sugar Land, TX, and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Houston, Department of Periodontology

Dr. Dara Rosenberg

"This Therapy changes the environment in the periodontal pocket though removal of inflamed tissue and root surface calculus to promote healthy tissue regeneration."
Dr. Dara Rosenberg Director, Department of Dentistry for the General Practice Residency, St. Barnabas Hospital, NY

Dr. Justin Kolnick

"WaterLase RFT has revolutionized our practice of endodontics. For the first time we are within reach of sterilizing an infected root canal system – unheard of in the specialty of endodontics!
Dr. Justin Kolnick Endodontist, White Plains NY