ezlase 940

More of what your practice needs from a diode laser:
Soft Tissue Procedures
20-minute Laser Whitening
Temporary Pain Relief

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The Only
Total Diode Solution

Power, portability, and high performance
for greater comfort for patients and
greater productivity for you.

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Unique 940 Wavelength

Developed exclusively for dentistry by Biolase, the 940nm wavelength is better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin.  More...

Unmatched Power & Portability

The ezlase delivers power other portable diode lasers can’t match. Clinicians work with up to 7 watts of power.   More...

Unmatched Patient Comfort.

an exclusive feature called ComfortPulse™ lets you significantly reduce the amount of time the laser is actually cutting, to avoid pain-inducing heat build-up.   More...

20-minute Whitening and
Temporary Pain Relief

ezlase is the only diode laser that offers 20-minute full-mouth whitening and is FDA cleared for temporary relief of minor pain.  More...


Dr. Christina Do

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I emailed our current patients about ezlase
whitening, and within two days had set up
20 consults. Since then, I have been
doing whitening cases almost every day.
Ezlase whitening takes significantly less
chair time and my patients have less
post treatment sensitivity when compared
with other whitening system.

Dr. Chris Walinski

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“The benefit of the 940 nm ezlase™ is that
it is absorbed by water as well as pigment.
It is four times more absorbed by water than the
810 nm diode. When you’re cutting tissue, it
doesn’t have to be inflamed or pink to cut well."

The most complete family of dental laser solutions, to match the needs of you and your patients perfectly as you expand your laser applications:

The Wireless Laser, for everyday soft tissue procedures.
The Total Diode Solution™ for surgery, hygiene, whitening and temporary pain relief.
All-tissue laser for minimally invasive restorative, periodontic, endodontic, cosmetic, surgical and pediatric procedures.
The most advanced, most powerful and easiest to use all tissue laser – cuts faster than the drill or any other dental laser.