The Dual Wavelength
WaterLase iPlus™
All tissue Laser

Breaks the Dental Speed Barrier

Productivity in dentistry requires tools that let you work fast. BIOLASE set out to beat the current standard in cutting speed, the high-speed drill. The WaterLase iPlus has an all-new power plant that can ablate hard tissue in 50% less time than previous WaterLase systems. Plus, eliminating the need to administer anesthetic in most restorative cases will provide an immediate and significant boost in your productivity – not to mention popularity with patients.

Redefine the Dental Experience for Your Patients and Your Practice

The goal of WaterLase technology is simple: to create a virtually painless, anxiety-free, and convenient experience for your patients. Imagine an entire new generation of patients who grow up not dreading the next dental visit. Also, WaterLase technology can dramatically improve the experience for you and your staff through more efficient and productive patient visits, and increased pride in knowing your team offers the latest and best technology to your patients.

Backed by Years of Innovation and Research

The choice for WaterLase technology is validated by numerous clinical publications, thousands of dentists and specialists, and millions of patients from around the world. Read more of the evidence-based science behind WaterLase dentistry in our Compendium of WaterLase Research.
>> Click here to view Compendium of WaterLase Research, maintained by R&D

The Widest Selection of Tips and Accessories Ensures Versatility

The WaterLase iPlus offers the widest variety of tips of any dental laser, to give you precisely the results you want in any procedure. Each tip is specially engineered and clinically tested to deliver the optimal laser energy to the treatment site. BIOLASE is continually designing new, more effective tips to meet the needs of our owners and improve the performance of our laser systems. And with our online BIOLASE Store, stocking up on WaterLase tips and accessories is easier than ever before!
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Our Easiest WaterLase Ever
iPlus Easy GUI

The WaterLase iPlus intuitive graphical user interface and built-in intelligence open a new world of clinical capabilities. With touch-screen access to dozens of laser-assisted clinical procedures, there are no settings to program, no tip guides to consult. Everything is pre-programmed and simple to use. Plus, it’s fast. A few touches of the screen and the WaterLase iPlus is ready to go to work in seconds, which is great for boosting your productivity.
>> Click Here to Demo the Interface

Ergonomically Designed for Infinite Productivity

The WaterLase iPlus features the only illuminated contra-angle handpiece on any dental laser. Our WaterLase handpieces are also the smallest of any all-tissue laser, an important consideration for pediatric patients and hard-to-reach posterior cases. Also, WaterLase iPlus features our lightest, most flexible trunk fiber to date, with virtually zero resistance in your hand.

Fastest Return of Any Technology Investment

The WaterLase iPlus is the most versatile and productive dental technology you can own. Applications are nearly unlimited from general restorative cases and soft tissue surgeries, to more complex and comprehensive applications for Periodontics and Endodontics. Many procedures can be performed without anesthetic, so you spend less time waiting to begin working. And of course, any device that reduces the need for anesthetic is also reducing pain and discomfort, something highly attractive to new patients.
>> ROI Calculator Tool
>> Clinical Indications for Use sheet
>> Roger P. Levin ‘Surprising Trends in Laser Usage’ article from Dental Economics

Expanded Applications for Perio and Endo

One of the greatest benefits of WaterLase technology is its clinical capabilities related to Periodontics and Endodontics. WaterLase iPlus offers a highly effective new treatment for periodontal disease, as well as superior disinfection of the root canal. Use patented Radial Firing™ tips for Periodontal and Endodontic applications and learn why WaterLase is simple, efficient and effective at retaining more dentistry in your practice, and eliminating hassles/lost appointments due to referrals.
>> WaterLase Deep Pocket Therapy brochure
>> WaterLase Endo Brochure

Reduced Risk for Cross Contamination

The potential for cross-contamination between patients in the dental operatory is a real and widely documented risk. Research shows that burs and endodontic files may not always be capable of being sterilized, even when following manufacturer instructions. Patients are becoming knowledgeable about the dangers of cross-contamination. Using WaterLase as directed can greatly reduce or even eliminate this risk. Don’t be left behind. Project yourself into the future of advanced dental care.
>> Read more about Cross Contamination

Our Passionate Customers Say it Best

“It’s hard to imagine where my practice would be without WaterLase.” Every day, we receive letters, emails and phone calls from WaterLase dentists who exclaim their delight at the successes they are enjoying with their WaterLase system.
>> Read the Testimonials

Comprehensive Training and Customer Support

A two-day Certification Training Course combining lecture, hands-on exercises and/or live patient demonstrations is typically included with the purchase of each WaterLase system. BIOLASE is a world leader in laser education and training as a founding sponsor of the World Clinical Laser & Imaging Institute. With more than 19,000 members worldwide, it is the largest dental laser and imaging educational organization in the world. Each year, multiple WCLI Institute symposiums and learning events are held frequently around the world.
>> Wisit

To learn more about the WaterLase iPlus or arrange an in-office presentation, please complete the form below or call 888-424-6527. Your local BIOLASE representative will contact you.

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*Based on MSRP. **Discomfort is based on individual sensitivity to pain, and other factors, so not all patients can be treated painlessly without anesthetic. However, dentists using WaterLase to perform typical cavity preparations report not using anesthetic in the majority of cases.

"Test drive" the new WaterLase iPlus!

The iPlus is in such great demand that most Biolase representatives do not have demo models yet. It's worth making a special trip to one of these dental meetings to try the WaterLase iPlus though. Plan to attend one of these upcoming dental meetings and feel the speed!


Join us and learn about our WaterLase iPlus™ All Tissue Laser system and the lastest advancements in Laser Dentistry Today!

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iPlus for Periodontics

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