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Enhance patient comfort. Increase case acceptance. Attract new patients. Expand your capabilities and procedures.

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Waterlase MD Turbo.
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Reduce the risk of cross contamination. Improve your productivity. Provide minimally invasive dentistry.

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Enhances Patient Comfort

A “traditional” dentist uses the drill and needle for conventional dentistry. The drill works by FRICTION, which causes HEAT, which inflicts PAIN. More...

Improves Your Productivity

Since you can do many procedures without anesthetic using the Waterlase MD Turbo, you can begin work right away. Waterlase MD Turbo helps you do more in a single appointment, by enabling multi-quadrant same-day dentistry. More...

Increases Case Acceptance

A study published in Dental Economics by the Dr. Roger Levin, CEO of the Levin Group, a leading dental practice consulting firm, indicates that the Waterlase MD Turbo helps attract new patients and increase treatment acceptance of day-to-day restorative cases that can cover the cost of a laser by providing an alternative to needles and drills, for patients who are anxious or fearful. More...


Dr. Todd Morton
General Dentist
Ballwin MO

“It is hard to imagine where my practice would be without my Waterlase MD Turbo. In the past 18 months we have continued to add techniques and procedures with the laser that have improved patient comfort and have delivered treatment that before was hardly imaginable."

Dr. Doug Christie
General Dentist
Mesa AZ

“Waterlase definitely attracts a lot of new patients for my office. But, my practice is mainly driven by patients themselves. And I don’t do any advertisement. Patients refer their friends and family to us. And literally, we probably get about 30-40 new patients a month just by word of mouth.”

Dr. Mark Jankowski
Englewood CO

“I didn’t know its potential when I decided to buy it, but took a chance that I would find more and more uses for it. Well, after one year, I find myself using it all day, every day.”