Waterlase MD Turbo Clinical Applications

The Waterlase MD™ Turbo is the ideal all-tissue laser for the multidisciplinary dentist who performs a broad spectrum of procedures, or for the specialist.
The MD Turbo combines high speed with industry-leading Waterlase technology, delivering the highest level of clinician control, operating efficiency, and flexibility in tip and accessory selection.
For optimal clinical results and patient comfort in hard and soft tissue procedures, The Waterlase MD™ Turbo sets a new standard of performance.



  1. Hard TissueHard Tissue
  2. Laser Periodontal ProceduresLaser Periodontal Procedures
  3. Soft Tissue Indications including Pulpal Tissues*Soft Tissue Indications including Pulpal Tissues
  4. Endodontic Surgery (Root Amputation) IndicationsEndodontic Surgery (Root Amputation) Indications
  5. Root Canal Hard Tissue IndicationsRoot Canal Hard Tissue Indications
  6. Bone / SurgicalBone/Surgical


Why Waterlase is Your Best
Instrument for Restorative Procedures

Why Waterlase is Your Best
Instrument for Surgical Procedures

IMPORTANT: Review all Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions presented in the User Manual before proceeding with using a laser device on patients. NOTE: Any tissue growth (i.e., cyst, neoplasm or other lesions) must be submitted to a qualified laboratory for histopathological evaluation. * For use on adult and pediatric patients

Waterlase MD

By reducing the need for anesthetic, multi-quadrant restorations that once entailed multiple appointments can now be completed in a single visit. And, because a Waterlase MD Turbo allows you to handle a wider variety of procedures, there is less need to refer patients out for treatment, eliminating another source of anxiety for patients.


Achieve laser proficiency.

A two-day Certification Training Course combining lecture, hands-on exercises and/or live patient demonstrations is available with the purchase of each Waterlase MD™ Turbo.

Biolase is a world leader in laser education and training through its education arm, the World Clinical Laser Institute. With thousands of members worldwide, the WCLI is the largest dental and medical laser education organization in the world.


World Clinical Laser Institute