Introducing iLase

The first totally wireless diode laser – no foot pedal. The laser every dentist and hygienist* should be using every day!

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With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the revolutionary iLase™ takes dental lasers beyond portable.

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The First Personal Laser

All the power and control is concentrated in your hand for uniquely personal performance. No foot pedals will ever clutter your operatory floor. More...

Presets That Perform

The iLase™ is the ideal tool for performing a comprehensive set of 24 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. More...

Balanced, Ergonomic.

The precise ergonomics of the iLase™ handpiece also reduce fatigue for clinicians. The entire iLase™ handpiece, with battery and shroud attached, weighs less than 100 g. More...

Power That Lasts

The iLase™ delivers 5 Watts of peak laser power, and up to 3 Watts of continuous laser power. All without cords, outlets or foot pedals. Which makes its battery life all the more impressive. More...


Dr. David Eshom

Wow! I can't believe this is a laser! I think it looks great and it's wonderful. I think you have a real winner here. The iLase is so easy to use that a new hygienist could pick this up and get to work with it in a very short time.

April Fifield, Hygienist

This definitely is the most groundbreaking thing I have ever seen! I just can't believe that this is the technology that we have.

Karen Blacklige, Hygienist

This is awesome! It's lighter than a Cavitron, which is amazing to me.

*Where the use of lasers by hygienists is permitted by local regulations.