Diode Online Training

Learn at your own pace and receive certification upon completion.

Waterlase Online Physics & Safety

This online course is recommended for new Waterlase owners and provides fundamental training prior to a certification course. Learn laser physics basics, safety, and laser fundamentals for Waterlase All-Tissue Laser Systems at your own pace. The completion of this course is a prerequisite for Waterlase Core In-Office Training, Certified Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses.

REPAIR Implant

Master Course Series – Perio

Minimally Invasive Procedures to Produce
the Best Outcomes

Jaebum Lee, DDS, MSD, PhD

An in-depth, hands-on, 2-day course instructed by master laser Periodontist Dr. Jaebum Lee at his Dallas, TX clinic.

Flexible scheduling available.
Tuition: $5,000 USD

Endo Live Webinar

Master Course Series – Endo

Transformational Technologies and Their Role in Improving Patient-Reported Outcomes

Justin Kolnick, DDS

An in-depth, hands-on, 1.5-day course instructed by master laser endodontist Dr. Justin Kolnick at his White Plains, NY clinic.

Flexible scheduling available.
Tuition: $4,000 USD


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