A Cure for Boredom

Let’s face it. Five — or even just three or four — days a week staring inside patients’ mouths has to get a little boring.  Especially when you’ve been doing this for years!

But looking in those mouths is an essential part of your profession.  And a noble one it is.  And you’re good at it.

But if you could move beyond 6 or 12 basic procedures, find new and exciting ways to treat patients, boredom goes away. What if I told you there are over 50 dental laser procedures that the WaterLase iPlus™ equips you to perform.  Yes, YOU.  We can teach you how to transform your dental experience (and your patient’s experience) with a full range of laser procedures — from soft and hard tissue, to bone, endodontics and periodontics. For details and more information, please visit www.biolase.com.

So no excuse for boredom, Doctor.

Nor is there really any excuse not to start into laser dentistry today.  Get going; get excited. You can get the laser, start basic training immediately and then sign up for advanced courses. The only limit would be your own reluctance.

Go back to the beginning.  You became a dentist because you were excited about the profession, because you wanted to help people, because you wanted to offer that help in the form of oral health. Here is an opportunity to rededicate yourself to your profession with new enthusiasm, to add excitement to your day and to provide your patients with a more satisfying dental experience.

Author: Joe Skillin