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Advancing Periodontics & Implants with Waterlase Laser Dentistry

By Dr. Nikisha Jodhan

I am a board-certified periodontist, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, and founder of Advanced Periodontics and Implants, in Skokie, Illinois.  I have been using laser technology for the past five years, and recently added the BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus and the EpicX diode laser.

Since purchasing my lasers, I have undergone extensive clinical and didactic training with both laser systems.  Our Waterlase is used for both hard and soft tissue, offering multiple surgical applications which we frequently perform on a daily basis. The EpicX offers a superior result for temporary relief for TMJ pain management and  I also use it for pocket disinfection – which has become my standard of care when doing scaling and root planning.

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Nikisha Jodhan

I use my Waterlase for periodontal surgery and regeneration socket debridement after extractions and pretty much all degranulation procedures, including treatment of periimplantitis and implant infections, which are becoming more prevalent.

Having used other dental lasers, the Waterlase is by far the most practical and ergonomic all-tissue laser on the market. BIOLASE is the only company with a proprietary tip for the treatment of peri-implantitis that can bend the laser beam 90 degrees toward the implant defect. This has allowed us to do a more thorough and predictable job for surgical debridement.

The main “PLUS” in using the Waterlase iPlus is that it provides a clear visual surgical field because it flushes the surgical site. – It is minimally invasive and provides excellent hemostasis.  There is minimal bleeding when used as a “cutting” tool – making it optimal for frenectomies.

Since incorporating BIOLASE dental lasers into my practice, the biggest factor for me is that it essentially offers a better patient experience.  Patients appreciate the “cutting edge technology” (no pun intended) and I guarantee it will organically grow any type of practice including periodontics, pediatric and restorative.

This is paramount for practice building and for long-term patient retention. It’s probably one of the most valuable versatile all-tissue dental lasers on the market. I’m Dr. Nikisha Jodhan, and I am proud to be a BIOLASE clinician.

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Dr. Nikisha Jodhan

About Nikisha N. Jodhan, DDS

Dr. Jodhan specializes in all facets of periodontal therapy. Her major goal is to provide quality care to her patients in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Dr. Jodhan is an experienced dentist whose qualifications were recognized by American Board of Periodontology.

She resides in Evanston with her husband and two children. Dr. Jodhan’s hobbies include traveling, scuba-diving, playing piano and reading. She particularly enjoys meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds.

To learn more about Dr. Jodhan, visit Advanced Periodontics and Implants or follow her on Instagram @drjodhan.