How to Have an Anxiety-Free Dental Experience

One of the biggest complaints patients have about dental visits is that they are afraid of the sounds and vibrations caused by the drill. We’ve all heard it – that high-pitched screeching that rattles our heads as the dentist bores into our teeth. But there is an alternative. Dental lasers such as WaterLase are quiet and non-vibrating, and go a long way toward eliminating dental anxiety.

Fear of the shot is also eliminated with laser dentistry since most times, no anesthetic is required. From cavities to whitening, laser dentistry can make procedures more comfortable. It also preserves more tooth structure when treatment is required.

The dental laser makes a quiet pulsing sound. This feature alone is one of the most talked about benefits for patients. It is no secret that a quieter appointment means a more relaxed appointment. Sounds can trigger fears or bad memories and make patients feel nervous.

Patients generally report less pain and have shorter recovery time after laser treatment than traditional treatment. Less swelling after dental treatment is also frequently reported.

Laser dentistry is comfortable and accurate. Replacing the drill with a laser for procedures helps reduce loud sounds, annoying friction and scary vibrations. Make your next dental appointment a comfortable, anxiety-free experience. Ask your dentist if laser dentistry is a good option for you. Visit