It Can be a Balancing Act for Dentists

It can be a balancing act for dentists: providing safe and effective treatment to patients that will make their visit to the dentist quicker and more comfortable, while also offering safe methods and tools that provide accuracy, speed, and thoroughness for the necessary expert dental work.

While there are many tools on the market, BIOLASE has recently introduced another innovative solution that helps dentists balance patients’ comfort with much desired speed and accuracy: the EPIC Total Diode Solution. Years of expert planning, meticulous design, and creative innovation went into the engineering of the great new EPIC Diode Laser system for dentists. Its feature set has many options, ranging from excellent soft tissue surgery treatment for conditions like excessive gums, gum disease, and periodontal disease, plus laser-assisted tooth whitening, and finally – of great importance to patients – pain therapy and management.

How does the EPIC Total Diode Solution help dentists provide a different type of surgery to patients? With its proprietary innovation called ComfortPulse! Unlike conventional dental methods such as the scalpel, electrocautery, or other painful methods, the EPIC ComfortPulse! mode sends regular, controlled, and quick pulses of diode energy directly to the affected area.

This combination of pulse and release leaves little time for the target tissue to respond negatively, allowing the procedure to be as smooth, quick, relaxed, and as pain-free as possible.

The EPIC is also an excellent and effective laser whitening treatment as well. If you have patients seeking that Hollywood-white smile in an hour or less, EPIC is a perfect solution. With total chair time not exceeding an hour, the EPIC whitening system uses a proprietary whitening gel that works in conjunction with the specific type of laser energy dispersed from the EPIC whitening handpiece.

EPIC has also been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for “Pain Therapy,” which can mean the EPIC- equipped dentist has the ability to temporarily relieve the pain associated with TMJ and other oral and maxillofacial pain symptoms. This is a huge benefit for patients suffering from pain associated with clenching, jaw pain, and other painful symptoms.

The advantages don’t stop there. In addition to pain management, the EPIC diode laser also allows for single use diode tips and touch screens for safer treatment and greater personal control respectively.

With speed, ease, and accuracy for every dentist, combined and better comfort and quicker healing for each patient, the EPIC diode laser treatment means happy patients, and therefore happy dentists.