Dental Lasers for Successful Implant Placement

How can dental lasers be used for successful dental implant placement? 

This month’s AAOMS Dental Implant Conference offers an educational program of leading-edge techniques and procedures for successful implant placement. The conference highlights some of the most technologically advanced products and services available in the dental field. Among the exhibitors, BIOLASE lasers shine bright on the forefront of implant surgery. BIOLASE produces innovative products that elevate the quality of care for implant patients.

The complete line of BIOLASE dental lasers offers the ultimate in patient comfort and clinical excellence for successful implants in modern dental practices. Compared with the traditional surgical approach, laser use during prosthesis implant surgery is a faster, safer and more efficient alternative. The laser prepares the field with minimal trauma to both hard and soft tissue so the body heals faster.

Lasers are useful in many aspects of implant dentistry including:

  • Gingival incision and excision for implant placement
  • Implant recovery and abutment placement
  • Uncovering implants
  • Peri-implantitis treatment
  • Recontouring gingival tissue
  • Sculpting emergence profile
  • Raising surgical flaps
  • Debriding extraction sites for immediate implant placement
  • Ablating diseased epithelium

To learn more about laser training and study groups, visit World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI) or BIOLASE.