Dental Marketing Trends for 2020

As we enter this new era, the importance of staying ahead of trends to expand your dental practice hasn’t changed. Creating awareness, building your patient base, and retention of patients are all achieved through well-thought-out dental marketing initiatives.

CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: There’s no better way to establish a relationship than by taking the time to actually connect with your patients. Conversation marketing implies a feedback-oriented approach that can be a powerful force in generating engagement, building a loyal following, and growing your patient base and revenue.

CONVERSION MARKETING: It is not uncommon for business (or dental practice) owners and operators to be drawn into the promise of marketing in general. Ultimately, however, there will come a time when you start to wonder what the return on your investment is. By focusing exclusively on the outset on the return that you expect (or perhaps demand), you can begin to identify areas where you can improve your marketing efforts with minimal loss.

LIFECYCLE MARKETING: Believe it or not, not everyone is ready to buy right away. That notion has driven great interest in what is known as lifecycle marketing – the process of providing your audience the type of information they need at different stages of their journey – from the moment they first become aware to when they start referring others to your practice.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Depending on your target audience, social media influencers can be a highly effective way to raise awareness of your practice. In addition to third-party validation (social proof) which is becoming increasingly important to today’s consumers, this tactic provides a viable means to access an already established audience.

PERSONALIZED MARKETING: Now that you’ve driven potential patients to your practice, the next- and perhaps most challenging- is to get them to stay. Marketing your personal identity and brand allows you to have a unique fingerprint in the community, allowing your services to rise above the noise. One of the best ways to do this is to highlight your differentiators.

Have a Great (Marketing) Year!
Just as you want to be in-the-loop on the newest trends for 2020, so do your patients when it comes to their dental care. Using new dental technology displays your practice as an innovative and modern brand your patients can trust. Advertising your use of dental lasers, and how this new technology can benefit their experience at the dentist offers an incentive to return and continue to engage with your business. For example, laser technology can directly affect your patient with less time in the chair, faster recovery, access to innovative tools and virtually painless experience. This type of individualization can also help with patient retention as your patients become more entrenched within your practice.