DON’T LET YOUR TEETH FALL OUT –The Disease You May Not Know About

There’s constant talk and reports in the news about horrible diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease affecting people today, but there are many health issues that do not get addressed. One of those is gingivitis. As unglamorous as it sounds, it is still a health issue that can affect just about anyone.

But what exactly is gingivitis? Simply, it is when gums become inflamed. One common reason for this inflammation occurs when destructive bacteria in plaque builds up in the mouth. Brushing the affected area can cause swelling, and even some bleeding. Other reasons for gingivitis, also known as gum inflammation, include changes in hormone levels, illnesses that can change the health of gums, family history, as well as poor dental and eating habits.

If left untreated, gingivitis can actually cause loss of gum tissue, which can make the teeth in that area become loose or even fall out. When it gets to this latter stage, the condition is then known as periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

Thankfully, both gingivitis and periodontal disease don’t have to occur. With proper and regular oral hygiene, such as brushing properly and flossing regularly, these two issues can either be prevented or caught early to minimize additional damage.

However, even with the right dental regimen, issues can still occur in the mouth. That’s why it is important to schedule regular appointments with the dentist. But when gums are already very sensitive due to the possibility of gum inflammation or gum disease, the thought of scheduling a visit seems even more painful…..but is it really?

If your dentist uses the advanced WaterLase technology, can address gingivitis, periodontal disease, or any other dental issues virtually pain free while being minimally invasive too! The technology used in this laser gum treatment is created specifically for moderate or advanced gum disease, to help ensure better, more thorough treatment or removal of the affected tissue. This should make any patient feel less anxious about the procedure. What’s more, subsequent treatment may not require the use of antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicine.

For anyone who suspects that they may have the beginning of gingivitis or periodontal disease but have avoided the dentist because of the perceived painful treatment, now is the time to find a dentist in your area that uses WaterLase for laser gum treatment. Make fear a thing of the past, and make dental care a priority of both today and the future.