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Elevating Endodontics with Dental Lasers

By Dr. Olga Castro

While researching technological advancements in endodontics, I read that laser technology was making a huge impact on the outcomes of root canal therapy. Unsurprisingly, this interested me very much, and I wanted to acquire one for my practice, so I began investigating all the different models and brands on the market—my team and I even put together spreadsheets comparing all the lasers available today. After analyzing the pros and cons of each, BIOLASE stood out as the superior choice which made our selection easy.

I’ve been using a BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus dental laser for one year now. Designated as the best all-tissue laser on the market, I’ve been very happy with this piece of equipment. It gives me the confidence to finish complex cases in one appointment, which has transformed how I deliver care. I also love the reassurance that as a clinician I have invested in the best technology to serve my patients. I use the laser for most cases and as I’ve become more experienced, I’ve been able to utilize the equipment for unforeseen needs, a trend that I predict to continue.

Dr. Olga Castro shares with John Beaver, President & CEO of BIOLASE, why she became interested in laser technology and how the Waterlase dental laser is an essential tool to treat complex cases.

Leading With Lasers

The biggest benefit of laser treatment for my patients besides its time efficiency is its efficacy—the BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus can clean even the smallest canals. One of my patients, a 45-year-old male had a partially calcified mesial canal, which required removing the overactive calcium, so the tooth’s pulp and root channels could be preserved. By using the laser between instrumentation, I was able to reach patency and avoid instrument separation on curvature. The complicated procedure became simple thanks to the dental laser, and the procedure time was reduced significantly!

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Improving Outcomes

At times there have been concerns about how patients may react to knowing a procedure will utilize dental lasers versus traditional dental tools, as we know they may not be aware of the benefit dental lasers provide since they are more familiar with more traditional treatments. We don’t want the change to be overwhelming, but, in actuality, my patients are consistently blown away that we have this innovative tool in our armamentarium. Once patients learn all the benefits of dental lasers, and that we can ensure that most bacteria are destroyed, improving their outcomes, they never want to go back to “the old way of things!” Knowing we’re using the best available technology, increases patient confidence in the results of their treatments, and reduces stress as procedures are minimally invasive.

Worthwhile Investment

I have a wonderful team of professionals that have always embraced changes in techniques, instruments, and technology with an open mind, knowing it’s for the benefit of our patients. In an ever-updating field, there’s a sense of pride that our practice is staying current or even more advanced than others. Looking ahead as a practice, we will continue to expand our application of the BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus laser, as well as showcase the many advantages to patients and colleagues alike!



Images courtesy of Dr. Olga Castro.

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

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Dr. Olga Castro, DDS

About Olga Castro, DDS

Dr. Castro is a member of the American Association of Endodontics and as a specialist looks forward to being of service to you. Dr. Castro provides such procedures as microsurgery, root canal treatment, re-treatment and intervention for traumatic injuries to teeth. She provides the highest quality of care in a friendly, comfortable environment while utilizing the leading edge technology.

Dr. Castro grew up in San Salvador, El Salvador.  She graduated from the Universidad Evangelica de El Salvador with a degree in Doctor in Dental Surgery. After she immigrated to the United States; Dr. Castro was accepted to attend The University of Southern California; where, she once again received the Doctor in Dental Surgery degree.  After graduation, Dr. Castro joined private practice and became a part time faculty at the University of Southern California.  In order to fullfill her passion for the field of Endodontics; she returned to University of Southern California to become an Endodontist. After graduation Dr. Castro and her husband relocated to the Minneapolis area to enjoy close proximity to her parents.

Dr. Castro is fluent in English and Spanish. She volunteers her time to participate in dental missions providing dental care in areas where people lack access to it. Some of the regions where she has served include, the Philippines, Ecuador and El Salvador.

Dr. Castro is also a member of American Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, Minneapolis Dental Society, Minnesota Association of Endodontists and American Association of Endodontics.

To learn more about Dr. Castro, visit White Bear Lake Endodontics.