The Future of Dentistry Has Arrived – Fast, Easy and Effective!

What is in store for the future of dentistry? Lasers!

Have you ever dreaded going to the dentist? If so, you are not alone. A visit to the dentist can be very anxiety-provoking. This fear can often lead to putting off dental work, making things worse. If you are the parent of a child who fears the dentist, you can attest to the difficulty of coaxing a child into the dentist’s chair if they don’t want to be there. Or, you yourself may be fearful of the dentist. This is not an uncommon fear, especially if you have had a negative experience in the past.

For children, going to the dentist can be particularly frightening. Adding to this problem is not only their fear of the dentist’s drill, but also of the shots that go along with many procedures. The time it takes to calm children, administer the anesthetic, wait for it to take effect and begin the work makes dental visits quite an ordeal.

Fortunately, new developments in dentistry are making many of these issues a thing of the past. The introduction of dental lasers will change the way you and your child feel about going to the dentist.

WaterLase “drill-less” dentistry is a procedure that can greatly reduce or eliminate much of what you fear most about dental work. In most cases, the dental laser requires no anesthetic, which means no shots. And it works just as quickly and effectively as the drill for removing tooth decay.

The WaterLase filling is safe, gentle and effective. Many young patients who have experienced this procedure reported little to no pain or real discomfort. In addition to being more comfortable, dental lasers often allow patients to resume normal activities after their visits. This means you may be able to eat right away, and go about your day without the residual swelling and numbness you would normally experience.

WaterLase dental lasers use water to help remove decay from the teeth. This combination is as powerful as the drill. Another advantage to this method versus the standard drill is that even when treating a child who may squirm or move, there is less risk of cutting or otherwise injuring the mouth.

The use of dental lasers is truly the future of dentistry. Imagine getting fillings done with no shots, no fear and in half the time! In most cases, this is what patients can expect. Fortunately, this future is now, and many children and adults alike can attest to these benefits.

It is important to note that everyone has a different tolerance to pain and discomfort, and while most patients report minimal pain during WaterLase procedures, there may be some exceptions. Talk to your dentist if you have any concerns.