How to Get a Whiter Smile in 20 Minutes

Ready to get a whiter smile?

A brilliant white smile not only looks super awesome, it could improve your chances of landing a hot date. Having a bright smile is inviting and tells the world you’re confident and ready to rock.

Dating isn’t the only place where white teeth play a key role though. Your smile might also contribute to nailing down a job. A recent study published by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that applicants are 58 percent more likely to get a job offer and 53 percent more likely to be offered an increased salary if their teeth are white.

All whitening systems are not created equal, so don’t run out and spend a big chunk of change on some unawesome, over-the-counter, time consuming, bank-breaking teeth whitening system that doesn’t produce killer results. Your beauty budget will disown you.

If your teeth are fifty shades of grey, the best and most efficient use of your time is laser whitening treatment. Lasers provide excellent pain-free results in less than 20 minutes. Get the whitest smile. Here’s how it’s done.

Long story short, a dazzling set of choppers can help make you stand out among a throng of people. Your charming personality will do the rest.

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