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How Dental Laser Technology Meets Patient Expectations and Earns Trust

By Hanna Mansoor, D.D.S.

Dental professionals are well aware that dental phobia and anxiety significantly correlate with patients’ degrees of pain during and after treatment – it is also a large reason they don’t return for preventive care.

This is one of the many reasons I put an acute focus on selecting devices, team members and aesthetic choices that can help create a more comfortable and healthier environment. While we can certainly set the scene for comfort, the proof for patients is when they get in the chair. 

Waterlase Dentist - Dr. Hanna Mansoor

Dental Lasers from BIOLASE

I’ve been using the Waterlase iPlus for nearly a decade, and more recently the Epic Hygiene laser and will never look back. Not only do they deliver consistent results, but my patients continue to echo the same feedback when leaving the chair – virtually no pain or discomfort. This goes for a variety of applications, including periodontal and surgical procedures. I also see tremendous opportunity to bring the caliber of care dental lasers provide into other areas of dentistry, such as aesthetic dentistry like surgical crown lengthening.

In addition to minimizing discomfort and the anxiety attached to it, the procedures are also much quicker! This means I am able to see more patients during my day, and they can get back to their day just as fast – including their normal routines because Waterlase allows for less trauma, less bleeding, less pain, and less recovery time.

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The word is out…

Patients talk – whether it is online reviews, social media, or general word of mouth. I’ve heard from several new patients that their decision to visit our practice was made once they saw we had the latest dental technology (specifically the dental lasers), and they weren’t disappointed when it came time to put them to use.

For example, I had a patient who expressed concern that she had stained, pitted teeth, and a gummy smile. She was quite unhappy and was in search of a solution. To her delight, I was able to use the laser crown lengthening, and craft eight upper veneers – resulting in a bright, healthy smile that looked great! She shared that she felt infinitely better about her appearance. It brings additional meaning to my work knowing that leveraging minimally invasive technology not only can improve my patients’ oral health, but also boosts their self-confidence and overall joy when they leave the chair.

When returning for treatment later – which also takes less time thanks to the ability to perform more procedures at once – patients like her continue to express their preference for the laser over traditional devices they had experienced for years.

…and the verdict is in.

Working with patients and providers alike, I continue to hear and see the success stories associated with dental lasers. Our patients expect modern, less-painful experiences, and we should too. I am thrilled to have the BIOLASE dental lasers as part of my practice.

Dr. Hanna Mansoor

About Hanna Mansoor, D.D.S.

Dr. Hanna Mansoor graduated from The University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and went on to start a “from scratch practice” in 2008. Since then, Dr. Mansoor has used her creativity and passion for dentistry to build a state-of-the-art multimillion-dollar practice in Gilbert, Arizona branding an elegance of elevated clinical dentistry, Smiles by Hanna. She has masters in Implantology from the gIDE dental institute and ICOI. She has extensive training in lasers, Oral Surgery including Implant Placement, guided bone regeneration, sinus lift, and all-on X implant placement.

Dr. Mansoor is a master clinician in Cosmetics and Digital Smile Design and has advanced training from Spear, Kois, Dental XP and IDEA institutes. She also has extensive training in Periodontal Surgery, Laser Dentistry and won 3rd place for her Stem Cells in Teeth Presentation with ICOI. With the heart to teach, she established a dental assisting school in 2013, and  provides advanced clinical training in Digital Smile Design, Laser Surgery and Implantology for dentists nationwide.