How to Find a Good Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

Good Pediatric DentistPediatric Dentistry has improved over the years as more and more dentists get specialized in this category. To be a good pediatric dentist, there is an additional 2-years residency training specializing in oral care for infants, children and teens.

But beyond the training, there is a certain level of emotional and fuzzy logic that a good pediatric dentist will have that amounts to just being good with kids. Some are, some are not. It has nothing to do with skill level or education.

We really want to find a good pediatric dentist for our kids that they will like, not be afraid of, and want to go back to.

When looking for a Pediatric Dentist, there are a couple of things you must look for: first, the dentist must have undergone specialty training in this field and second, they must be great with children. There must be that easy rapport with children – friendly yet firm and never, ever scary!

Here are other things to look for when considering a dentist or dental clinic for your child:

Is the Dental Clinic Child Friendly?

Many dental clinics for children have equipment suitable for this age group. The dental chairs are smaller or are suited for children and the adult that accompanies them. The atmosphere is less clinical and more tailored to calm nervous children. The waiting room is safe for children with age appropriate books and toys that encourage play and relaxation. The overall atmosphere is light-hearted and fun.

Equipment, instruments and supplies must be the right size for children. They are smaller and more appropriate for little mouths and sensitive teeth. Comfort is also paramount. A good dental experience during childhood will go a long, long way.

Does the Staff know how to deal with children?

A trained staff deals with children in a more patient manner. Coaxing, talking, comforting are all part of a practice that specializes in making each and every appointment a success. Gone are the days when a child is scared the whole time she or he is at the dentist. Today, pediatric appointments are more fun and something that a child can look forward to.

Is the Dentist able to communicate what is happening during a procedure?

One of the ways to see how good your pediatric dentist is thru his or her communication skills. Are they able to talk to their patients and help them understand what the procedure is about? It is a skill to be able to make procedures less intimidating. A good dentist knows how to adjust his approach to every situation. Some children may need more time so they can relax and cooperate while others are brave and can go on with just a little coaxing. Some may need more praise while others are fine with straight forward explanation. A good pediatric dentist knows what to do in these situations.

Genuine Caring and Respect are hallmarks of a good practice.

Besides being efficient, staff members treat patients with genuine caring and respect. It is evident the minute you step into the clinic. Dentists and staff members are happy to see your child!