Important Announcement: Waterlase Md Trade-in Program Ending In 2016

Beginning October 1, 2016, BIOLASE will no longer be providing trade-in credit for WaterLase MD’s towards an upgrade to a new WaterLase branded all-tissue laser.

Waterlase Iplus Logo

The World’s Most Preferred All-Tissue Laser.
Now Even Better!

Cut Hard-Tissue 250% Faster1R Squared

The WaterLase iPlus is faster and more efficient than previous YSGG lasers.

  • Increased pulse energy – 2.5x that of WaterLase MD, increased hard-tissue cutting efficiency with less sensitivity
  • New Pulse Modes – Patented pulse technology for faster, smoother soft-tissue surgery and improved calculus removal
  • 25% More Power – Ablate hard-tissue with more speed and precision
  • Cut 2.5x faster than WaterLase MD with less sensitivity on hard-tissue

Our Most Reliable WaterLase YetSurefire

WaterLase iPlus includes the all-new SureFireTM YSGG Delivery System, the new gold standard in all-tissue laser delivery systems.

  • Redesigned optics for increased precision and dependability
  • Optimized to provide more uptime with a replaceable, disposable shield
  • Decrease your treatment fatigue with the most flexible, tension-free delivery system available
  • Improved clinical access and comfort with the SureFire exclusive contra-angle handpiece, navigate subgingivally with ease

Intuitive Graphic User InterfaceIplus Front Pear

  • Increase productivity with 56 pre-set procedures for select-and-go treatment with WaterLase iPlus
  • Enhanced, upgraded user-interface including new REPAIRTM apps to assist in the management of periodontitis and peri-implantitis
  • Take control of tissue with adjustable settings as needed

Step-by-Step Protocols

WaterLase iPlus includes new step-by-step protocols that guide you through managing perio and peri-implant patients — which represent some of the most difficult yet highest earning clinical opportunities in your practice.

  • Minimally invasive – No scalpels, sutures, or elevated flaps (in most cases)Repair Dual Lockup
  • Easier patient management –Increase case acceptance and compliance
  • Versatile – Treat specific sites or full mouth cases in a single visit
  • Cash flow – Offer in-demand laser treatments for high-earning perio and peri-implant procedures

There has never been a better time to upgrade your WaterLase!

Contact your BIOLASE Account Manager at 888.424.6527 to upgrade your WaterLase MD before time runs out.