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Long-Term Success with Minimally Invasive Laser Dentistry

By Dr. Michael Salyzyn

Our practice started using BIOLASE dental lasers in 2011 and we have enjoyed many years of successful laser dentistry. We recently upgraded to the latest technology, Waterlase iPlus, which we use for both hard and soft tissue treatments.

The Waterlase dental laser is an integral part of our CEREC Dentistry, as we can do some bony reduction as well as soft tissue recontouring, which makes for a better final restoration.  We also use Waterlase extensively in restorative dentistry for pediatric patients, as well as simple class 1 and 5 restorations on most adults.

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Michael Salyzyn

Utilization of the laser is widespread in our practice, and we use it successfully for many procedures including biopsies, frenectomies, and crown removal. Waterlase dentistry has increased our patient referrals, with each dentist seeing 3-4 patients a day for these types of treatments, making it a solid ROI.

Patients are excited about the technology and tell their friends, resulting in many patients calling to inquire if they are candidates for laser dentistry.  This results in a minimum of three patients a week coming for consults and possible treatment. The Waterlase has paid for itself many times over already, and with our pediatric patients, in particular, we are seeing faster procedure times due to not utilizing anesthesia in many cases.

The biggest patient benefit of Waterlase dentistry is patient comfort during and after the treatment. Soft tissue removal is painless post-appointment, as opposed to traditional blades or electrosurgery. The troughing around a crown preparation negates the use of a retraction cord or paste in most situations, resulting in better restorations and improved patient comfort post-appointment.

I am a big proponent of laser dentistry, specifically the Waterlase all-tissue dental laser. I continue to learn and master techniques with my laser which I know will benefit me as a clinician and most importantly, benefit my patients when it comes to comfort and their oral health and needs.

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Dr. Michael Salyzyn

About Michael Salyzyn, B.Sc., B.Sc. (honors Cert), D.D.S

Mike is a native Nova Scotian who received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Dalhousie University after completing a Bachelor of Science Honors Certificate in Biochemistry as well as a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He is focused on comprehensive and compassionate care mixed with a great sense of humour. Mike has a special interest in the use of dental implants as well as computer-aided design and manufacturing of ceramic dental crowns and onlays. He is a member of the Academy for Sports Dentistry, the Nova Scotia Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association, the Straumann implant study program and well as a lecturer at the Dalhousie Dental School for 20 years.


Dr. Salyzyn has been a member of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic dental team, Lead dentist for the Canada Winter Games in 2011, Canada Russia Challenge Cup, Sandjam , World Junior Volleyball championships and the 2015 Toronto Maple Leafs training camp in Halifax. He is a certified team dentist with the Academy for Sports Dentistry and presently serves as team dentist for St Mary’s University athletics. He is a vigorous supporter of the use of mouth guards and the prevention of dental injuries in sport.

In his spare time he is a passionate downhill skier and Vice-President (Operations) for the local chapter of the Canadian Ski Patrol. He also enjoys cycling, golf, and a spirited game of ice hockey. (In fact, just about any sport is fine with Mike.)

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