“No Needle!”


“No needle!” should be both the dream and the goal of every dentist. People don’t fear you, the dentist, because they have a toothache; they fear you because of that needle you’ll stick in their gum.

You’ve heard it 100 times — patients avoid the dentist because they fear the needle.

This is completely believable. Even the THOUGHT of the needle might be worse than the needle itself.  Look up the word in your Thesaurus. It is surrounded by vivid synonyms such as perforator, piercer, chisel, drill, scoop, corkscrew (!) stiletto, punch, gouge, and spear. No wonder patients start to panic when they think of your needle.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could practice without the needle; practice twice as much dentistry with hardly ever using the needle; develop the reputation of being the painless dentist in your area?  If 70-80% of your patients told their friends and neighbors that you didn’t use the needle, you would develop that reputation virtually overnight. This is all possible.  Dentists using WaterLase to perform typical cavity preparations report not using anesthetic in the majority of cases. That’s significant.  You can build it into a reputation and a marketing advantage.

So go check out www.biolase.com and start reading about WaterLase.  Or perhaps look at it tonight after dinner.  Don’t put this off.  “No needle!” Your dream and your goal for as many patients as you can. You can make it happen with WaterLase dentistry.

Author: Joe Skillin