‘No shot, no drill, no fear’

You’d be hard-pressed to find a person, who genuinely looks forward to their next date with the dentist although most of us really should. Dentists are the medical practitioners responsible for taking care of your mouth. You know, the part of your body you use to smile, laugh, sing, eat, kiss and communicate. The only reservations you should have about seeing a dentist is an appointment set up in advance. When a doctor diagnoses you with something however, you get it taken care of as soon as monetarily possible. This sort of respond-and-react should be the same when it comes to dentists.

Both are invasive, sharp objects, but only one inspires fear…a dental phobia of sorts, where rational adults avoid the dentist chair at the cost of their own dental hygiene. An estimated 30-40 million Americans claim they avoid the dentist due to fear or anxiety. That is approximately 9-15% of the American population allowing their teeth to rot, essentially because they dread having to open their mouths wide and say, “ah”.

Even with the aid of numbing agents the likes of local anasthetics, the prospect of a routine cleaning instills fear strong enough to keep a grown man from facing the dentist. I am under the firm impression the cause for this angst is quite simply…pain. The local anasthetic is only a temporary convenience. After the dentist finishes with his drill and that numbing sensation wears off, your face most always feels some sort of trauma. Therein lies the root of this dental fear perhaps. Do you, yourself, or someone you know experience dental fear? if so, do you know what is at the root of your dental fear? (Please share your stories in the comments section below.)

Whatever the reason may be, you should know there are now new, high-tech alternative methods to starving off tooth decay and gum disease that are both non-invasive and virtually painless such as the WaterLase dental laser. The “no shot, no drill, no fear” WaterLase treatment utilizes technology that combines power of water with the precision of laser energy, thereby replacing the daunting dental drill and making for a relatively pain-free experience. The WaterLase treatment also reduces the risk of cross-contamination in dental clinics, ensuring a safer dental experience for you and your family.

For a directory of dentists, who have added the WaterLase treatment to their patient offerings, click here.