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Taking a Chance on the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program

by Dr. Christi Davis

New technology can sometimes seem too good to be true, but I decided to take a chance. I was initially intrigued by the versatility of all-tissue laser technology but especially anesthesia-free restorations.

I was extremely sensitive to not just buying another miracle piece of technology without doing my due diligence and making sure that I received the fullest education possible – and I’m thankful to say that the WETP experience was everything it promised and more!

Since participating in the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program (WETP), I’ve used the BIOLASE dental lasers in my practice almost every day! Waterlase has allowed me to elevate my practice, increase patient satisfaction with less invasive techniques, and quicken patient recovery. I love the joy I receive from parents when their children didn’t have to get numbed for a procedure.

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Christi Davis

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The Education Won Me Over

The Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program gave me a great opportunity to see how the technology felt in my hands and in my own working environment. Taking a class where you have a of couple hours of hands-on experience is good, but to utilize it for 45 days is a game changer. The 45-day trial solidified my decision to purchase because I was able to really learn the ins and outs within the unique needs of my practice at my own pace and with the support of the BIOLASE team.

The instructors provided a wealth of information, engagement, and were willing to share their experiences with the participants. They even offered their personal contact information should we run into situations where further dialogue was needed.

During the hands-on experience, there were several providers available to assist me with my initial encounter with the laser. I never felt left out there to figure things out on my own. They held my hand, made suggestions, and offered encouragement. After the WETP experience, I was much more comfortable and confident to transition from a conventional handpiece right into the use of Waterlase.

The Trial

The trial is an effective means of making a true determination about how you will and can integrate laser dentistry into your practice. In a weekend presentation, you can never think of all the questions that you have about use. Once in the office, I was able to formulate questions about clinical scenarios and reach out to the instructor or my BIOLASE representative for recommendations and techniques

I’m still surprised that a program like the WETP exists that offers us the opportunity for an in-person, customized trial experience for 45 days… in your own office!

I even had the opportunity to participate in  Waterlase Weekend in Palm Springs, CA, and attend the BMW Performance Center West with the BIOLASE team and other Waterlase providers. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and practices. However, the most exciting part was experiencing the BMW motor speedway. I have a need for speed, and this truly gave me that experience!

My Patients

As a pediatric dentist, I wanted to really capitalize on learning anesthesia-free restorative dentistry. With Waterlase, I’m thankful I got the invaluable time with the laser and my laser mentors to really nail down the technique. My young patients have been extremely receptive to the use of the Waterlase – it’s quite shocking how easily they understand the concept of lasers for minimally-invasive dentistry. Parents are pleased with their children’s response to not having to use anesthesia, or not hearing the buzzing of the drill which usually may trigger fear and anxiety.

The Waterlase is a very versatile instrument, and I’m still exploring all the things I can do with it, but the anesthesia-free restorative treatment has had the most impact on my patient base. A pediatric patient can leave the office without being numb and go right back to school or any activity with no limitations due to numbness – they can even eat right afterward.

Since I adopted lasers into my practice, my office team has welcomed the new technology and is eager to learn more and introduce it to our patients. One key component of the WETP experience is how welcoming and inclusive the training and integration were, it truly was a team training where attention was paid to all team members’ needs and concerns.

Based on the high standard of education, and the ongoing learning experience of the WETP, using dental lasers was a very smooth transition – and I’ve seen great results.

Lasers have enhanced my work, and given me better outcomes and happier patients – but I have to say it was extremely fun! I feel so invigorated that I can do more restorative treatments and I get the reactions of kids who love the Waterlase laser! Kids are smart, they know the drill- and view this as a new and less scary treatment option. Lasers are also helpful for treating patients who have trouble sitting for a long time. We have found that our Waterlase treatments are quicker, involve less pain, and this makes for a more fun dental experience where I feel more connected to my patients, and my patients seem more at ease.

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology into your practice. Visit the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Christi Davis, DDS

About Christi Davis, DDS

Dr. Christi Davis, DDS, PA, is a Board Certified pediatric dentist who received her doctorate of dental surgery degree and certificate in pediatric dentistry from Howard University. She received her license to practice in North Carolina and has been practicing in the field of pediatric dentistry since 2003.

At Brier Creek Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Davis is enthusiastic, committed, and excited about caring for patients and promoting their life-long dental health. Her staff consists of experienced, well-trained dental professionals dedicated to providing quality patient care and service. The emotional and physical well-being of the patients is her number one priority and she strives to make it a fun, safe and a rewarding experience for them every day.