The Cosmetic Benefits of Laser Dentistry

During my more than 28 years in cosmetic dentistry, I have crafted a unique approach to blending the science of dentistry and my own artistic style to create natural-looking smiles on thousands of patients from across the world. My approach for every smile transformation is to help my patients look and feel their best. Though I have been lucky enough to be successful in my practice, I have recently added an advanced dental technology that I feel has revolutionized my practice. That technology is the Waterlase Express dental laser.

Waterlase Express has allowed me to expand the procedures I am able to perform, increase the speed and healing time for procedures, lessen the need for anesthesia and decrease patient painI am convinced this product is NOW a game-changer in modern dental practices.

I have been using the Waterlase Express in my practice for nearly a year, and since I purchased the laser, I have used it practically every day. I have been able to utilize the laser to expand the procedures I am able to perform, increase the speed and healing time for procedures, lessen the need for anesthesia and decrease patient pain. Both my staff and I feel extremely proud to have incorporated this state-of-the-art technology into the practice, and enjoy how much more refined our procedures have become due to the laser.

As an author and international speaker, I often have patients fly into Honolulu, Hawaii to visit my practice for our cosmetic dentistry services. Though they do not necessarily come to my practice for our use of dental lasers, they are always impressed by our innovative dental laser, and the results we are able to achieve using the Waterlase Express.

Nearly every patient I work with experiences the Waterlase Express. I am able to perform additional minimally invasive surgical procedures such as gingivectomies, closed flap crown lengthening, periodontal surgeries, implant repair and periodontal repair surgeries. These procedures are more refined and have faster healing times. The laser also allows me to increase patient satisfaction by enabling me to combine treatments like closed flap surgeries and porcelain veneers preps on the same visit, therefore reducing unnecessary multiple visits for patients.

One of the best examples of how the Waterlase Express has revolutionized my practice was when I recently did a very involved periodontal surgery for an endo-perio problem tooth. It was a questionable situation and I was concerned about the outcome. Thanks to the Waterlase, the odds of success were greatly increased and the surgery went extremely smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised by not only how fast the surgical site healed, but also that there was no pain for the patient after the surgery.

Prior to purchasing the Waterlase Express, I used a diode laser for nearly eight years and I never felt that lasers before had the therapeutic value for me to purchase a comprehensive, or all-tissue, dental laser. After finding out the vastly different things this Waterlase Express laser can do I am convinced this product is NOW a game-changer in modern dental practices. Every dentist should get a Waterlase Express dental laser and start doing minimally invasive procedures with it. This laser will make their results that much better. In fact, I’m so impressed with the Waterlase laser that I have even incorporated it into my curriculum at the Pan Pacific Dental Academy. To see how I use it go to for educational videos on how I’ve incorporated this sophisticated dental laser into my practice style.

About Dr. Wynn Okuda

Dr. Wynn Okuda is the past national president (2002 – 2003) and an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He is also a fellow of the International College of Dentists, and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. In 2014, Dr. Okuda was proud to have achieved his accredited fellowship with the AACD. He is currently the esthetic dentistry expert to the National Dental Expert Advisory Board of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). He is also the esthetic columnist of the General Dentistry publication of AGD for the last seven years.  

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Okuda has been a keynote and a featured speaker on cosmetic and restorative dentistry at numerous conferences and universities around the world. For the last 14 years, Dr. Okuda was selected into Dentistry Today’s Top 100 in American Continuing Education List. He is the co-founder of the Give Back a Smile National Charitable Foundation. The foundation has provided more than 15 million dollars of free cosmetic dental services to survivors of domestic violence in 19 years. Dr. Okuda’s practice was awarded in 2007 the coveted “National Cosmetic Practice of the Year” by the Contemporary Esthetics publication.

He is the founder of the Pan Pacific Dental Academy. The educational institute focuses on teaching real-world clinical techniques, proven practice management skills and successful business development ideas to create the practice of your dreams. You can join the PAC at

Dr. Okuda practices in Honolulu, Hawaii. He can be reached at or on Facebook at @drwynnokuda.