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The Impact of Dental Lasers on the Patient Experience

By Arpita Patel , DMD

As a pediatric dentist, it is my mission to provide care for my patients that are without discomfort and to create a positive experience. I want to eliminate the fear children have while visiting their dentist. At Blooming Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to find all measures that will support this mission. The BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser is a key tool that has helped achieve our mission. I have used the Waterlase for the past year and it has drastically changed my patients’ dental experience. I am able to treat both hard and soft tissues with the laser. It has significantly reduced the pain, provided quicker healing and lessened my procedure times. The laser has transformed my dental practice. 


I love that both parents and children are awestruck at the ease and gentleness of “Princess Poppy,” our name for the laser. Many patients have come to our practice for a second opinion because they have heard that we can provide treatment without the need to go to the operating room for general anesthesia. This is mostly thanks to Waterlase. It has allowed us to safely treat difficult patients, whom others would not try to treat in their office, often requiring minimal to no office anesthesia. 


Waterlase Dentist - Arpita Patel, DDS

For example, I have an 8-year old girl that embodies how the laser has changed my dental practice and patient experience. Our patient had multiple carious lesions that were difficult to properly treat in the office and recurrently was recommended for general anesthesia dental treatment. She became so frightened to visit the dentist because of the multiple failed attempts to treat her. 

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Her mother brought her to our office for a second opinion and described her dental experience to be so distressing that she would have panic attacks at the thought of visiting the dentist. After a thorough discussion about the Waterlase dental laser, she became comfortable enough to allow Princess Poppy to treat her. We were able to treat and restore all four quadrants of her teeth in a comfortable fashion using the Waterlase. She was fond of the “pop pop pop” sound of the laser and now she actually enjoys coming to our dental practice. Equally important, her mom was relieved and grateful that she has a happy cavity-free little girl.


The Waterlase dental laser has changed my dental practice. It has reduced the amount of anesthesia, operating room visits and expenses, meanwhile providing a speedy comfortable experience to my patients. We can now perform minimally invasive dental treatments that result in a happy child, happy parent and happy practice. At Blooming Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing a positive and tranquil patient experience. When they leave our office, we want them to want to come back with excitement.


I would encourage all pediatric dentists to consider the use of the Waterlase dental laser. The benefits have helped grow my practice, however, more importantly, has provided a positive patient experience.  

Dr. Patel with happy patient

About Arpita Patel, DMD

Dr. Arpita Patel is a pediatric dentist practicing out of Blooming Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Charlotte, NC. Her goal as a pediatric dentist is to give patients and parents a safe and comfortable space where dentistry is seen as a fun experience. She received her doctorate of dental medicine from Boston University and received both her general practice residency and pediatric specialty from Staten Island University Hospital. Through continuing education, she keeps up with the latest techniques, materials, and methods to treat her patients to the best of her ability and give them the care they deserve. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and strives to attain the best for her patients and families.