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Transforming Dental Care in Endodontics: The Benefits of Incorporating BIOLASE Dental Lasers into Your Practice

By: Dr. Gary Glassman

As an endodontist who has been using Waterlase for almost a year, I can confidently say laser technology has revolutionized how I practice dentistry. When I decided to incorporate the Waterlase dental laser into my practice, I was looking for a tool to help me treat anatomically complicated cases as an alternative to the traditional methods.

After extensive research and due diligence, the BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus offered a great solution for these types of cases. I have used it for multiple treatments obtaining excellent results. Incorporating the technology into my existing workflow was a key factor for me before making the capital investment, and has been easy, efficient and extremely user-friendly!

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Gary Glassman

Getting Started

Dr. Fernando Meza gave me a one-on-one training session in my office. His expertise and guidance on laser assisted endodontic irrigation were invaluable, and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge on how to effectively utilize this technology.

During the training, Dr. Meza showcased the impressive capabilities of the Waterlase iPlus dental laser – not just for root canal debridement and disinfection, but also for pulpotomies, apicoectomies, gingivectomies and crown lengthening procedures. I was amazed at the precision and accuracy of the laser, and the multitude of applications that it can be used for.

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Patient-Friendly Technology

The Waterlase has been met with pleasantly surprising positive reactions from patients. They were especially very impressed with the advanced technology that was offered by our office and the state of the art treatment provided.

In my opinion, the biggest patient benefit from laser treatment is how well it can clean out all the anatomy in anatomically complicated cases. The laser can remove tissue and bacteria from even the most hard to reach anatomical aberrations. The fluid dynamics are incredible, and the laser helps me achieve patency, negotiating down into the apical terminus by virtue of its strong cavitation action. The removal of endodontic biofilm and the smear layer has been instrumental in getting positive results.

Exceptional Results

I have treated some incredibly complicated cases with Waterlase, and the results of this technology continue to blow me away. Treating multiple sites in one sitting and being able to toggle between the RAPID Endo root canal protocol, apical surgery, deciduous tooth pulpotomy, and gingivectomy with the touch of a button, is extremely convenient.

The luxurious and high-tech design, combined with advanced and versatile clinical features, made the Waterlase a worthwhile investment providing a seamless addition to my everyday workflow. In addition, the BIOLASE customer support team has been an exceptional resource providing “best in class education” and having an “on call” support team that is ready and willing to help me with any questions or queries that I may have, always at a moment’s notice.

I highly recommend Waterlase to any dentist looking to incorporate advanced technology into their practice especially. The radiographs speak for themselves, and hopefully, my experience speaks to those looking for a better, kinder way to provide a new standard of care.

Courtesy of Dr. Gary Glassman

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology into your practice. Visit the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Gary Glassman

About Gary Glassman, DDS

Dr. Gary Glassman graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in 1984 and was awarded the James B. Willmott Scholarship, the Mosby Scholarship and the George Hare Endodontic Scholarship for proficiency in Endodontics. A graduate of the Endodontology Program at Temple University in 1987, he received the Louis I. Grossman Study Club Award for academic and clinical proficiency in Endodontics.

The author of numerous publications, Dr. Glassman lectures globally on endodontics, is on staff at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry in the graduate department of endodontics. As Adjunct Professor of Dentistry and Director of Endodontic Programming from 2010-2017, Gary helped develop the dental school curriculum for the Oral Health Science programme for the University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica. 

Gary is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, Fellow of the American College of Dentists, endodontic editor for Oral Health dental journal, endodontic editor for Inside Dentistry, Faculty Chair for DC Institute and Chief Dental Officer for dentalcorp Canada.

He maintains a private practice, Endodontic Specialists in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His personal/professional website is and his office website is  He can be reached at [email protected].