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Waterlase: Essential Equipment for Peri-Implantitis and More

By Todd Jorgenson, DMD, MS, MBA

I spent 11 years trying different protocols to repair and regenerate bone around failing implants, and continued to believe there “had to be something better” out there. After some research, I quickly became intrigued by the possibility of using the Waterlase iPlus for this highly technical and specific treatment need.

Waterlase Dentist - Dr. Todd Jorgenson

Implants have become increasingly favored as a treatment for tooth replacement, and practitioners are seeing a growing number of cases presenting with peri-implantitis. Different surface technology and thread patterns between brands can make standard treatment plans difficult to implement; leaving providers to ask, “should we use ultrasonic debridement, specialized scalers, chemotherapeutics, or even high-speed burrs to debride an implant surface?”  When BIOLASE offered the Waterlase iPlus option for peri-implant repair, I was extremely interested and an early adopter.

I began treating peri-implantitis cases with the Waterlase iPlus in 2014 and have performed over 300 procedures to date, with remarkable results. It has been my experience and is my current opinion, that Waterlase offers the most consistent and predictable outcomes for peri-implantitis treatment. I know of nothing that can access and debride treated implant surfaces better than laser technology, and Waterlase offers the most advanced laser on the market. I would not be able to treat peri-implantitis cases without my Waterlase.

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While treating failing implants was my sole reason, initially, for purchasing the Waterlase laser, I’ve come to realize the vast amount of possibilities and benefits, beyond this treatment. As I became more and more comfortable using the laser and saw firsthand how well tissues responded to it– not to mention how easy it was to use! I began using the Waterlase for general periodontitis cases and found it particularly useful for situations like deep infrabony defects located posteriorly to second molars. The deeper the defect, the more difficult it is to access with traditional instruments. However, the Waterlase allows for the best access and visibility to these locations. I now treat all of my periodontitis cases with the Waterlase and have continued to see excellent results.

My private practice in Metro Phoenix receives a tremendous number of patients who come into the office requesting laser treatment. I am amazed how many patients specifically locate my office and practice with a request for laser therapy. If this isn’t happening in every city, I would predict it will soon. Patients today are well informed regarding dental treatment options, and with an ever-increasing number of patients demanding laser treatment, practices will need to begin adopting or risk having the patient find another provider who will. 

Prior to 2014, I encountered patients with laser treatment requests, and it was difficult for me to explain why I did not have a laser. I truly could not offer a good enough reason to deny our patients laser-assisted periodontal treatment, especially when it is requested, and we could deliver superior results when compared to traditional treatment methods.

Todd Jorgenson, DMD

About Todd Jorgenson, DMD, MS, MBA

Dr. Todd Jorgenson is a periodontist who specializes in the latest implant procedures as well as cosmetic periodontal procedures and laser therapy to provide the best possible smile and function for his patients.

Originally from Peoa, Utah, Dr. Todd Jorgenson received his bachelor’s degree in Science from Utah State University. He later attended dental school at Oregon Health Sciences University. Dr. Todd Jorgenson then attended Oklahoma University Health Science Center where he received his Master of Science in Periodontics. Additionally, he holds an MBA from Yale University.

Dr. Todd Jorgenson is one of the leading dental implant surgeons in the valley. He prides himself not only on the quality of his work, but on the manner in which he cares for each patient who walks through his door. Dr. Todd Jorgenson has had the privilege to speak nationwide for a variety of dental associations. He has had the honor of being voted by his colleagues to the Phoenix Magazine Top Dentist list every year since 2004 and He serves as the official team periodontist for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks.

Dr. Todd Jorgenson is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and the Arizona Dental Association. He is an advisory Board Member for Biolase and founded the East Valley Dental Symposium, which strives to educate and train dentists on the newest and best Dental Implants and periodontal techniques available.

To learn more visit: East Valley Implant & Periodontal Center.