The WaterLase Dental Laser and Traditional Tooth Decay

They can be quiet, stealthy, and attack when you least expect it. But they will try again and again. When the enemy does strike, you have to use everything in your arsenal to protect yourself. When the enemy is the cavity – the weapons in your arsenal will be a little different, but can be effective.

First in your proactive arsenal – brushing your teeth. Twice a day, every day, after you eat will help fight these intruders before they take a foothold. Next is flossing. When food gets caught between your teeth, cavities like to lurk there and start to form. Flossing gets rids of that food, thus preventing cavities before they can build an army. Finally, as tasty as they are, avoid sugary treats and drinks.

But cavities are sneaky and despite your best efforts, they can still get the better of your teeth. If you need dental work to defend against these attacks, your dentist may use a drill, but the friction it causes can create cracks in your teeth, pain during the process, and fear from the cringing sound.

However, there is another weapon – the WaterLase Laser. In the war against dental issues, you can’t do any better. Its state-of-the-art laser technology can repair the damage caused by the cavity without having to use a needle, or even hear that awful drilling noise, in most cases. For you or your children, this means a happier and more pleasant dental experience, and this will encourage more visits to the dentist for better dental health.

Find a WaterLase dentist near you and say bye! to marauding cavities and hello! to a happy mouth.