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Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program: A Change to Better Dentistry with Dental Lasers

By Dr. Veronica Mueller

Time for a change

We have been using BIOLASE dental laser technology since the fall of 2021. We made the decision to adopt lasers into our practice many years ago, with our hygienist first utilizing the Epic X diode laser. Overall, our staff was delighted with the laser technology. The Epic X laser is easy to use, provides higher levels of patient satisfaction and patient safety, and achieves higher levels of accuracy than a conventional laser.

I had the opportunity to work with previous dental laser technologies, and while those lasers were “getting the job done,” it was not allowing for the “wow” factor that my staff and I wanted for our patients and our practice. It became a challenge to find a laser that I liked that was both a hard-tissue and soft tissue laser – and more importantly – one that made our patients feel safe, cared for, and excited about the technology used during their treatment.

Waterlase Laser Dentist - Dr. Veronica Mueller

Then came Waterlase…

When joining the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program (WETP) the overall experience was exceptional. We first heard about the program through the BIOLASE sales team who suggested that we try the BIOLASE all-tissue dental lasers firsthand through the event. As part of the WETP, I was able to touch and feel the Waterlase iPlus for 45 days in my office.


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Dental professionals in the dental community are very tactile people. The ability for me to fully understand and experience how the laser was handled, and how my staff would integrate it into our workflow was critical in deciding to adopt the laser into my practice. Being able to attend the WETP training in-person vs a screen (which was often the format amid the pandemic) ultimately swayed my decision to integrate the lasers, and why I recommend providers take the opportunity to attend a WETP, if possible. 

I continue to compare it with buying a car. Many people would be uncomfortable with making a large investment and commitment without a “test drive,” and I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable subjecting my patients to the “passenger seat” of a vehicle I didn’t trust myself!


More procedures, less time 

As COVID-19 cases fell and vaccinations became widely available, patients began to return to in-person appointments. This led us to see an influx of patients in our practice and allowed us to adopt lasers into their daily cleanings and procedures.

Another added advantage to adopting the Waterlase dental laser into my practice is the ability to perform new procedures that I had initially not foreseen, such as the ability to remove zirconia veneers and crowns in the crown removal process. Prior to utilizing dental lasers, older dental technologies would be more abrasive and rough on the natural tooth. With dental lasers, the crowns come off in one piece and take seconds compared to a more conventional approach.

One patient who further solidified my decision to invest in dental lasers needed six restorations. Six restorations are no small task, but with the Waterlase iPlus, the procedure time was cut in half! This patient compared the use of a dental laser for his treatment to watching TV on a high-definition screen vs televisions that were black and white on a box- I loved the comparison. With the Waterlase iPlus, cavity preparations such as this patient rarely require numbing, which immediately creates a positive impact on the experience during the treatment, but also after they leave the chair.

Another procedure that shocked me and my staff was incorporating lasers while doing gingivectomies. Gingivectomies can be intimidating to the patient, and even a dental professional at times. When altering the patients’ gingivae to manage the “gummy” smile, the procedure prior to a dental laser could create significant hemorrhage. It also can be met with a slower recovery time, and sometimes a painful experience, despite taking all the necessary steps. However, with the Waterlase iPlus this procedure is much easier in both recovery time and procedure time, and overall patient satisfaction.

Never looking back 

The overall experience I have had with my BIOLASE lasers has been nothing short of excellent, from their sales team to the WETP, to the use of the dental lasers in our daily practice. My list of accolades also extends to the technology – it is easy to use, allows quicker turn-over time, offers the ability to do more procedures, enhances patient safety and recovery time, and most importantly, keeps my patients comfortable and happy.

Ready to be part of the dental laser revolution?

BIOLASE is offering select dentists an obligation-free opportunity to integrate minimally invasive Waterlase laser technology into your practice. Visit the Waterlase Exclusive Trial Program to learn more!

Dr. Veronica Mueller

About Veronica Mueller, DDS

In her practice, Dr. Mueller combines state-of-the-art, quality dental services with old-fashioned personal caring. She believes that optimal oral health results from positive patient-dentist relationships, characterized by mutual respect and commitment.

Dr. Mueller was born in Germany, where her father, a career U.S. Army officer, was stationed. Veronica grew up an “Army brat,” living in Texas, Illinois, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and Puerto Rico. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Veronica received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas School of Dentistry. Veronica Mueller is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Association of Women Dentists, the Hispanic Dental Association, and the Texas Dental Association. She regularly participates in continuing professional education, staying up-to-date on the latest advancements and techniques.

Veronica and her husband John, a Plano firefighter, are dedicated to their family and their son J.R. and daughter Vivienne who have brought much joy to their lives. The couple’s mutual commitment to Christian service is demonstrated by their work as medical and dental volunteers with the North Texas Missions in Central America.

To learn more about Dr. Mueller, visit Gentle Creek Dental or follow her practice on Instagram @gentlecreekdental.